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Top 8 Costume Ideas With Anime Contact Lenses

Top 8 Costume Ideas With Anime Contact Lenses

Halloween is around the corner and just after that the New Year’s party. It’s time to get ready for all the wonderful cosplay events waiting for you! Wish to startle everyone on occasions like cosplay, Halloween, or costume party? All you need to get yourself covered up with inspiring costumes of Anime and Manga, and you can complete your look by using anime contact lenses

If you want to get a startling costume you need a lot of homework in advance, the perfect eye and face makeup, hair, dress. The cosplay characters can vary between anime, gaming and, movies; and with that in mind we have selected some perfect costumes for you in order to accommodate any anime contacts looks you can dream of! 

In this blog, we have brought up some best costume ideas from the world of Japanese anime and manga that you can create by using anime contact lenses. 


Are you a fan of Dragon Ball Z? Well, you must be aware of how Goku and friends can turn into super saiyan with bright blue coloured contacts. You can get the gi or set of armour from the market easily but what about the makeup and hair? In order to make your cosplay stand out, you need to concentrate on the small details too. Although you can get the beautiful yellow wig, what about the bright blue eyes and silver glimmering eyes of Goku and Vegeta? For this you can use amazing anime contact lenses to finish off your look.


A diehard fan of Pokémon Ash? There is no reason you should not look cool like Ash Ketchum. He wears a most common outfit, a blue shirt with white collar and sleeves, a cap, blue jeans, red sneakers, and green finger less gloves. You can easily get this outfit from anywhere. And you can complement this anime character with a brown coloured anime contact lens.


Attack on Titan has been the most tending show since 2013.  If you are planning to be a perfect titan Eren, you will be well aware of how bright and blistering Eren’s green eyes are, and you can get these eyes only by anime contact lenses. You can create this amazing look totally out of this world by pairing your costume with any glamourous and dazzling green mystic lenses. 


This October you can make yourself look just like Ymir’s Titan form, the Jaw Titan. The Ymir’s titan form has an extra-wide mouth that contains sharp fangs that you can create by using face paint. For the eyes use scelar black lenses to make them more prominent and use a double layer of double-eyelid tape to give a deep-set effect and to enhance the jutting brow bone.


Still need some inspiration for your next cosplay? You still have plenty of options from the world of anime like Keneki from Tokyo Ghoul. Ken Kaneki is a half-ghoul who wears a mask and an eye patch to hide his ghoul identity. As a ghoul, you must need a pair of perfect anime contact lenses with a diameter of 14 mm and red outline. The makeup and costume is simple for this anime. You can simply use mask and eye patch, and a black shirt with black knee length shorts complements this look with silver coloured hair wig.


Tokyo Ghoul may have wrapped up but this hasn’t stopped its fans from anime adaption at events. And you sure be a fan of young looking man with pale skin and shoulder length white haired Juuzou Suzuya if you have watched this series. You can get the look by painting the stitches across the body along with white haired wig. Use pair of dark red contact lenses along with maroon smokey eye makeup to complete this look.


Kakashi has become the most beloved anime character among the cosplayers. It is so easy to manage to look like him. Kakashi has spiky silver hair which you can get easily from the hair wigs shop. His left eye is injured which you can get by using sharingan contacts from the range of anime contact lenses or just simple red coloured contacts. For the dress, you can get a ready-made costume or just pick a jacket, blue coloured pants and a shirt from your wardrobe.


Turn heads and impress your friends at a convention, cosplay party or Halloween event by dressing up as Inuyasha. It requires a little effort and time to get this look. Inuyasha has long white hair and furry ears. You can buy the wig and clip-on ears easily.  For the eye makeup, you can use a pair of light brown or honey coloured lenses and complement it with thin winged eyeliner. Use the fake fangs to give a more accurate look of Inuyasha.

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