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Top 7 Twilight Movie Looks You Can Do With Coloured Lenses

Top 7 Twilight Movie Looks You Can Do With Coloured Lenses

The Twilight breaking dawn movie series has left a lasting impression on fans worldwide, not only for its captivating storyline but also for its iconic characters and mesmerising looks. One of the defining features of the characters in Twilight is their striking eye colours, which add an extra layer of mystique and allure to their appearances. In this article, we will explore the top five enchanting Twilight movie looks that you can recreate using coloured lenses to bring a touch of fantasy into your own life.

1. Bella Swan's Chocolate Brown Lenses

Bella Swan, portrayed by Kristen Stewart, is the heart and soul of the Twilight series. Her warm and captivating chocolate-brown eyes are essential to her character's charm. To achieve Bella's look, opt for soft, natural-looking brown lenses that blend seamlessly with your natural eye colour. These lenses will give you that genuine "Bella" vibe and make you feel like you've stepped into her world of supernatural romance.

2. Edward Cullen's Butterscotch Amber Lenses

The brooding and mysterious vampire Edward Cullen, played by Robert Pattinson, is known for his striking butterscotch amber eyes that reveal his immortal nature. To channel your inner Edward, choose amber-coloured lenses that emulate the intense and alluring gaze of this iconic character. These lenses will transport you to the world of vampires, love, and eternal youth.

3. Alice Cullen's Golden Topaz Lenses

Alice Cullen, portrayed by Ashley Greene, possesses an enchanting and bubbly personality, accentuated by her striking golden topaz eyes. To capture Alice's lively spirit, opt for topaz-coloured lenses that will brighten up your gaze and add a touch of charm to your overall look. Embrace the adventurous and optimistic side of this Twilight yellow vampire with these captivating lenses.

4. Jasper Hale's Honey Blonde Lenses

Jasper Hale, played by Jackson Rathbone, is characterised by his honey-blonde eyes that reflect his calm and composed demeanour. To embody Jasper's sophisticated and mysterious aura, go for honey-blonde lenses that exude elegance and poise. These lenses will give you the confidence to face any situation, just like the resilient and resilient vampire from the Twilight Breaking Dawn Saga.

5. Rosalie Hale's Vampy Red Lenses

Rosalie Hale, portrayed by Nikki Reed, is known for her striking and intense vampy red eyes that perfectly match her fierce and protective personality. To unleash your inner Rosalie, choose bold, fiery red lenses that demand attention and make a strong statement. These lenses will make you feel like the powerful and confident vampire from the Twilight movies.

6. Victoria's Intense Ruby Red Lenses

Choose intense ruby red lenses to embody the fiery and evil vampire Victoria. Victoria's crimson eyes exude danger and menace, making her a formidable antagonist in the Twilight saga. With these lenses, you can embrace the darker side of the Twilight world and showcase your fierce and powerful aura.

7. Volturi’s Captivating Crimson Eyes

The most defining feature of the Volturi vampires is their crimson eyes, which set them apart from other vampires in the Twilight universe. Twilight Volturi vampire contact lenses beautifully replicate this striking eye colour, instantly giving you these immortal creatures' powerful and enigmatic gaze.


The Twilight movie series has captured our hearts and inspired us to embrace our fantasies and experiment with our looks. Coloured lenses offer a fantastic opportunity to immerse ourselves in the world of vampires, werewolves, and romance. Whether you want to channel Bella's warmth, Edward's mystery, Alice's charm, Jasper's composure, or Rosalie's fierceness, coloured lenses will help you bring these iconic characters to life and make your mark in the twilight.

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