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Top 12 Doll Looks For Halloween Party

Top 12 Doll Looks For Halloween Party

Dolls are no wonder one of the creepiest creatures and we have all seen many scary dolls since our childhood as killers or haunted beings in different frightening movies. As much as dolls are scary, they also make the best costumes for Halloween. You can be inspired from different dolls and create the same look to give a good scare at Halloween. Here we have gathered some of the doll looks that you can choose for the Halloween party. Check out these ideas and see which doll you want to become!

  • Shattered Doll Face
  • You can create this look with simple makeup and pair it up with black contact lenses for Halloween.  Tie your hair in pigtails and wear a nice top to complete the creepy doll look. It will look scary and cool at the same time.

  • Anabelle Inspired Look
  • Anabelle has been one of the most infamous dolls for many years. You can get makeup inspiration from the Anabelle movie and put on blue coloured Halloween contact lenses with pigtails. Anabelle fans will love this look and it is the best look for any cosplay or Halloween party.  

  • Barbie Doll Look
  • Barbie dolls are known for being the most beautiful dolls. To achieve this look you need to put on pink eye makeup with pink lip colour. Finish the look with a blonde wig and a cute little dress. This look is definitely not creepy but is perfect for all those girls who want to look different and pretty on Halloween. 

  • Bratz Doll Idea
  • Here is another doll look that is based on a real doll. Achieve the actual look by checking out the Bratz doll makeup and coloured Halloween contact lenses. You can easily recreate this look and become a unique doll yourself from your childhood inspiration.

  • Rag Doll Look
  • Inspired from old school rag dolls? This look is easy and creative to achieve for Halloween. You can get black Halloween contact lenses with pink cheeks and red lips to achieve this look. Finish off the entire look with a yellow yarn wig and a simple dress. This look is unique yet scary at the same time due to its wig. 

  • Scary Doll Look
  • This scary doll look will look like it is straight out of a horror movie. To achieve this look you need to make your face look pale like porcelain along with contact lenses Halloween type. You can finish off the makeup with cracked lines on your face. You can find different creepy doll makeup tutorials online and create the desired look. To complete the entire look, keep a stuff toy handy as prop.

  • Fake Blood Doll Face
  • This creepy doll faced look is also inspired by Anabelle. Turn your face brown to give a wooden look with black eye brows, blue Halloween contact lenses and pigtails. The creepy look is incomplete without some fake blood on your face. Wear an old-fashioned dress to achieve the complete terrifying Anabelle look.

  • Broken Doll Face Look
  • This is another cracked face illusion for Halloween party. This look can be achieved by making a shattered look on one side of the face. Put on black hair coloured wig with red ribbon and blue contact lenses Halloween with a pale white coloured face that will give Snow White vibes. This unique look can be recreated to get fairy tale look. Check out different makeup tutorials available online for a broken doll face look.

  • Glam Doll Face
  • To look all glitz and glam on Halloween party, this is what you need to select for the next costume party. A glitzy doll look can be achieved with illusioned eye makeup, dark lip colour, bright pink wig and sparkly jewelry. This different look will make you stand out among the ghouls, ghosts and monsters at the Halloween party.

  • Vintage Faced Doll
  • In the spirit of spookiness, it is mandatory to give your Halloween look a tad bit of creepy with the vintage doll makeup look. To look like a vintage doll this Halloween, make a red heart pout on your lips with red lip gloss and extra bold false lashes with coloured contact lenses for Halloween.

  • Pinocchio Doll Look
  • With an all-over wooden face paint and creepy jaw hinge you can become a terrifying yet chic Pinocchio doll for Halloween party. This is a totally classic and unique look which is not opted by many people. With red lips, fake lashes, pink blushed cheeks, and properly contoured nose and cheeks, you can recreate the look of Pinocchio with a hint of creepiness. 

  • Billy The Puppet
  • Inspired with the deadly killings in the SAW movies? Become the creepy doll Billy the Puppet who delivers death messages to its victims. You will be needing an oversized black suit paired with white shirt, red bow tie and red shoes for the costume. To achieve the exact look, you must paint your face white and make red spirals on the cheeks with red paint. Get red coloured contact lenses for Halloween and put on some red lipstick before you hop on to that tricycle to give a good scare. 

    These different doll looks are creepy and stylish in their own unique way! Let us know which doll you plan to become this Halloween?

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