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Top 10 Celebrities Who Wear Coloured Contact Lenses

Top 10 Celebrities Who Wear Coloured Contact Lenses

Those days are long gone when people only wore contact lenses as eyeglasses replacements. The popularity of wearing coloured contact lenses has increased a lot in Hollywood and also in influencers and bloggers. Like makeup, coloured lenses can also be worn for self-expression. You can find a different variety of Australian coloured contact lenses that will suit your eyes. These lenses cover your eyes colour in a smooth and natural way that will surely give your entire look amazing.

We all follow famous celebrities and keep a check on their looks and appearances that they make on the screen and we are always in awe when they pull off a different look in every single appearance. Let’s have a look at some of the famous celebrities who wear coloured contact lenses not only on the red carpet but also off the red carpet too.

Jennifer Aniston: One of the top celebs of the famous TV show FRIENDS and a movie star is known as an avid coloured contact lenses wearer. She is known to change her eye colour with different striking colours such as blue or green and also change her eye colour according to her hair colour.

Selena Gomez: The most favourite Disney star is always spotted in different coloured contact lenses that give her big eyes an accentuated look. She is seen in bluish-grey coloured lenses that highlight her irises and make her look fierce every single time.

Orlando Bloom: The famous actor known as Legolas in the top hits Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit movie has worn different coloured contact lenses throughout his roles in the movies. Playing the character of an elf, Blom wore elf coloured contact lenses Australia that made him look completely like a real-life elf full of fear and anger.

Angelina Jolie: A well-known superstar, humanitarian and a mother, Jolie has blue coloured eyes naturally, however at different occasions such as Oscars, red carpets and other Award ceremonies, she has been spotted wearing different coloured contact lenses such as light blue or shocking green that goes perfect with her dark hair. She was recently spotted wearing white Sclera in her latest Marvels movie Eternals too where she looked like a goddess with white hair.

Nicki Minaj: This one is not indigent of introduction. She is known as the queen of rap and one of the highest-paid female artists in today’s era. Minaj always comes with a different look in every video of her song or in any character that she plays in the movies too. The entire appearance change is also due to the coloured contact lenses that she wears in different videos. She has worn grey Australian coloured contact lenses in her music videos and it is needless to say that she rocked each and every look! No lie!

Lady Gaga: An actress, singer and a style icon- she knows how to make a fashion statement and is always taking her style to a whole new level. With the looks in her music videos from her appearance to the red carpet in magnificent gowns and outfits, Gaga always changes the colour of her big beautiful eyes with shades of green for daytime events and bolder coloured contact lenses for the evening looks.

Robert Pattinson: The vampire that is still the crush of thousands of millennials due to his character of Edward Cullen in the famous vampire series Twilight. The vampire wore vampire contact lenses with the reddish-brown shades during his entire shoot of the Twilight Saga series. Naturally, he is a blue eye hot guy, but women have swooned upon his looks like a vampire and are still huge fans of this character.

Paris Hilton: A famous reality star, Hilton is always known to be a fashionista and a style icon. It is reported that she is never seen without wearing coloured contact lenses and people have hardly seen her in original eye colour. She is an avid lens wearer and people still debate if her real eye colour is blue or soft brown.

Kanye West: High-end fashion designer and a rap mogul, West has worn different contact lenses Australia on different occasions. Hosted the Met Gala, West was seen rocking a pair of grey coloured contact lenses that complemented this grey and white outfit.

Kim Kardashian: A famous yet controversial reality star and a style icon, Kim always experiments with new looks every time. She has a huge fan following due to her style statements. Kim K is usually seen in shades of brown coloured contact lenses and prefers softer colours for her eyes.

Contact lenses Australia come in a vast variety of colours and designs and is known to be the best fashion accessory that can enhance your entire look drastically. If you want to change something about yourself and want to give your appearance a different look, how about you start with your eyes first!

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