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The Most Used Natural Coloured Contact Lenses

The Most Used Natural Coloured Contact Lenses

Natural coloured contact lenses are designed to enhance or change the colour of your eyes while maintaining a natural look. Here are some of the most used natural coloured contact lenses:


Brown coloured contact lenses are a top choice by many people who want to enhance their look. With different shades of brown, you can have plenty of options to choose form.

Light brown coloured lenses are the perfect choice for daily wear as it gives your eyes colour a subtle pop. They are soft and give a warm glow to your eyes which is truly attention grabbing.

Dark brown contacts are best for those who seek a dramatic look without looking bold. These lenses will give your eyes an outstanding look without looking overpowering.


If you want to transform your style and want to give your looks a quick fix then you can buy contact lenses online in grey colour. If there is any fancy dress party coming up then there is a wide range of grey contacts at coloured contact lenses Australia.

Light grey contact lenses are best to make a bold fashion statement and can also be worn every day. This colour looks very natural and adds a soft glow that can draw attention of others around you. This colour gives the perfect coverage and makes you look elegant as well.

Another option for grey contact lenses is opting for green grey coloured lenses. They look absolutely beautiful as the green tint with grey makes your eye colour the perfect shade. This option will make you give a bold dramatic look and will make your eyes look fresh and bright. The outcome of this shade is totally natural and will add a little bit of sparkle to your life!


Blue coloured eyes are the most beautiful and desirable around the world. If you have been dreaming of having blue eyes then it is not that difficult to make your dream come true. With different blue contacts available at coloured contact lenses Australia, you can select from any desired colour such as light blue, topaz blue, sapphire blue, sky blue and many more.

To create a soft, cool and fresh look, the best option is to go for sky blue, topaz blue or Caribbean blue contacts. They will change the look of your eyes entirely and will make it look fresh and clean.

If you want to go a little intense with your favourite colour then go with dark blue contact lenses will add a touch of drama to your life. They will make your appearance look strong and deep. Moreover, the dark blue contacts blend perfectly with your original eyes.


Imagine blending yourself with the bright green trees in the breeze. It is for sure that many people want to opt for a look that no one dares to go for. Green is a such colour that can go from cool to intense and when you have to buy contact lenses online then you will have plenty of vibrant options to choose from.
Emerald green, icy green and sea green colours are the best soft tones to choose for a natural everyday look. But obviously, if you are planning to dress up for a cosplay or fancy dress party, then even then green comes in different colours and patterns that can complement your looks. For example, green cat eyes contact, green UV I-Glow contacts, dolly eye green, green vampire and so on. These are some of the options for those fans who love to go for daring and bolder looks.

Bottom line:

Choosing natural coloured contact lenses might get confusing for you because of the endless options and variety of colours but make sure that you go for the pair that suits perfectly to your appearance and personality. Moreover, you can pick the contact lenses as per your favourite character and recreate the look that you desire.

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