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Take These Preventions to Keep Your Eyes Safe from Contact Lens Related Infections

Take These Preventions to Keep Your Eyes Safe from Contact Lens Related Infections

Do you wear Coloured or Halloween contact lenses? In case you do then you have many different questions. A few of them are, 

What is the right way to put them in my eyes? 

Should you use contact lens solution? 


What preventive measures I can take to keep my eyes safe from infections? 

Yes, the latter of all the important questions we normally ask related to wearing contact lenses is much more important. Whether you’ve just started wearing contacts or you have been wearing them for quite some time, taking the best preventive measures is everything you need to focus when it comes to lenses. 

We all love our eyes and in order to keep them safe, here are a few precautions that I believe one must consider before they choose to wear contact lenses. 

Preventive Measure # 1: Ensure that the Contact Lenses You’re Using are Sterile

One of the most commonly sought out contact lens problems that we all often experience is none other but the sterility problem. Are we taking the measures required to keep our contacts safe from germs and bacteria's? Here’s a question that we are supposed to definitely ask ourselves when it comes to contacts. 

First off, check the case in which you’re keeping your contact lenses. 

Is the case clean and hygienic? Or does it have fungus or moldy elements stuck at the sides. In case, there are, it’s best that you first clean the case thoroughly with water and detergent to make it crystal clean. Next, check the contact lens solution in which you’re going to place your contacts! Is the contact lens solution fresh or stale? If the contact lens solution that you’re using is a month old or even a week old, then it’s best you change the contact lens solution right away. Make sure not to keep age long contact lens solution in your cases as it will not only affect the lenses but will also infect your eyes. So make sure to follow these instructions carefully. You should be washing your lenses before and after every use.

Preventive Measure # 2: Dropped Your Lenses? Best You Clean Them Right Away

Many times, we are so clumsy that we drop our contacts without knowing. And when that happens, it’s best that you find them, pick them up and instead of wearing them back in your eyes you should dispose those and they should not be used again.

Preventive Measure # 3: Using Contacts? Better Wash Your Hands Before You Use Them

Now here’s an advice that I give to every novice and expert who likes to wear contact lenses. And right now, I believe this particular advice is more of a necessity than just a need. We all know the current situation of the world and how COVID 19 is impacting each & every one of our lives. This particular disease can transmit from simple human contact. Now just imagine, what if you do not wash your hands and touch something that has already contracted the virus and go ahead and touch your pair of lenses? 

I am pretty sure you’re now bound to get infected with the COVID 19 virus. 

Hence, it is best that you take the safety precautions of washing hands thoroughly before you wear your contact lenses. Because, when you don’t wash your hands, nowadays it can eventually lead to your death. 

Preventive Measure # 4: Do Not and I Repeat Do Not Over Wear Them

Eyes are windows to the soul and I understand the need of you keeping your eyes beautiful. 

But if you can avoid wearing contacts and instead resort to a pair of glasses for a social event, then what’s the harm right? Wearing contacts all the time is not a good habit and can create eye infections. 

If you can roll without a pair, then I ll encourage that you keep your contacts safe and only wear them when necessary. For instance, your best friend is throwing her birthday party at the Ministry of Sound club and you get to know that Roger Shah and some other great DJs are playing, then it’s best you wear them. 

But if you’re just going to attend a casual event at the symposium on crowdfunding, there’s no need at all.

End Note

Eye infections are the worst. If you once get them, it can be pretty tragic for your eyesight and is a whole lot painful. Now you don’t want to go through the same pain while wearing contacts, do you? 

It’s best that you take these safety precautions and stay safe from getting a busted eye. In case of anhy issues contact your doctor straightaway. If any further questions please contact Halloween Contact Lenses.
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