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Spot On Naruto Themed Cosplay with Sharingan Contact Lenses

Spot On Naruto Themed Cosplay with Sharingan Contact Lenses

In the Naruto world, Uchiha clan is the most powerful among all the ninja clans in Shinobi. They have all that any ninja would want and be afraid of. They have their own unique ‘Sharingan’ trait and it describes the power they posses over the people. They are by far the most notorious of the Uchiha clan.

If you are an anime lover and there is an upcoming convention or a Halloween party then it would be very interesting if you become a ninja from the Uchiha clan. You might be interested in becoming characters from Naruto world and be Sasuketo look impressive and unique from the rest. But of course, you will be required to have the same eyes as the ninjas such as Sharingan eyes or Rinnegan eyes to compliment your costume and your character.

Here are a few options for sharignan contacts that you might want to choose to become a ninja:

Sharingan Contact Lenses:

The most versatile sharingan contacts of them all! They are original and iconic and make you look like a true ninja. With these contact lenses you can easily pull off any Izuna Uchiha character or any other character from the Naruto series.

These colorful sharigan eyes like Blue Sharingan, Purple Sharing and red Sharingan are captivating with their original red and black colour combination and will make you feel powerful. Although, in reality you will not be possessing any powers but aesthetically speaking these red piercing blood eyes are very hard to resist.

Sharingan contact lenses are totally eye-catching and will completely make an impact on your look with the Naruto themed cosplay or Sasuke cosplay. This is a must have for any anime convention or costume party!

Obito’s Mangekyo Sharingan Contact Lenses:

This is another versatile pair sharignan contacts which can be used by cosplayers. This character, Mangekyo Sharingan doesn’t originally belong from the Uchiha clan but it is possessed by Hidden Leaf’s Village Copy Ninja, known as Kakashi Hatake.

The lens design is undoubtedly the coolest as the heavy lines in the lens looks like a wheel blade surrounding your eye pupil. If you are heading towards any costume party so you must dress up as Kakashi Hatake along with the same lens.

Sasuke Mangekyo Sharingan Contact Lenses

One of the coolest and most favourite characters of them all is Sasuke. Sasuke lenses will complete your Sasuke character entirely. Sasuke is a strongest character in the Naruto series and there are many cosplayers who love to dress up and imitate Sasuke.

This lens has a specific design which almost looks like an atom or like a silhouette of flower in black and red colours. It is also one of the most captivating sharingan contacts that give a hypnotic look. These lenses are a perfect fit for the character of Sasuke due to his psychotic hunger for power and dark personality. They surely make him look psychedelic.

Madara’s Mangekyo Sharingan Contact Lenses

Madara is the most powerful villain ever appeared in the Naruto series and that is because of the powers that he possesses from generations to prepare for the Great Shinobi War. The design of Madara’s Manekyo Shairngan eyes looks complex but still one of the differently designed sharingan contacts. If you are a true Naruto fan, you will know why these sharingan eyes are so iconic and you can easily guess them.

If you are planning to be the most powerful villain character this Halloween, then Madara sharingan contacts will make you look powerful yet the most terrifying of them all.

Shisui Mangekyo Sharingan Contact Lenses

This character looks a lot like Mangekyo Sharinganc but yes the lenses are different as they have a tri-wheel shape and belong to the Shisui Uchiha clan. Although, this character is very under-rated in the Naruto series but is yet a powerful character due to its ability to summon Susanoo. This technique is very powerful and is totally terrifying in the entire series.

So what if the character is under-rated but it is powerful and you should pull it off proudly as your cosplay or Halloween costume.

Rinnegan Contact Lenses

This is the most powerful eye technique owned by a regular Shinobi in the series of Naruto. This design is known as the exalted eyes among the Three Great Dojutsu apart from the Sharingan eyes and Byakugan. It is known to be the one sent from the Rinnegan to become a God of Creation to calm the world or to be a Destroyer who brings everything to nothingness. 

The Rinnegan contacts light violet in colour and are known to have a rippled pattern which spreads all across the eyeball. Being a cosplayer, these lenses look totally cool as your eyes goes from white to purple. This is the only lens that can bring you closest to the Rinnegan character.

Whenever you plan to attend any anime convention make sure that you plan it with your friends so all of you can become these coolest characters and hang around as the Uchiha clan and be a head turner for everyone else.

These are all the known and unique Naruto characters and if you plan on becoming any of these mentioned characters to make your look spot on at Naruto based cosplay then you might want to go through the collection of Sharingan contacts and enjoy your night while making an ever-lasting impression on the crowd.

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