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Selection of Whiteout Contacts Lenses For Apocalypse Movies

Selection of Whiteout Contacts Lenses For Apocalypse Movies

Thinking to go shoot a Halloween themed movie or an apocalypse movie? If yes then this is the time to start prepping for the zombie wardrobe or the monster look which will be the most important element of your movie. Fans always look into the details of the characters especially the wardrobe and the makeup very closely. Even the eyes are scrutinized by the fans as to what type of coloured contact lenses are used to complete the look of the character. If you want to make your movie a hit, then it is important to choose the correct coloured contact lenses such as using white out contact lenses for the zombies. You need to know which coloured contact will suit the character in the best possible way!

Here are some amazing options that can help you choose the best Halloween contact lenses to fulfill the character of zombie.

Whiteout Contact Lenses

You can get numerous options for zombie contact lenses such as whiteout contact lenses. Going for the top quality brand whilst selecting the white contacts for your zombie movie must be your number one priority. White lenses are comfortable to wear like any other coloured contact lens and can be worn for up to 8 hours without any trouble. You can achieve a totally captivating look and recreate the perfect look of the zombie. With the correct costume, hair, makeup and accessories you will be able to create the best rotten corpse gone alive.

Blind White Zombie Contact Lenses

To give an absolute creepy moment to your fans then you need to invest in the white coloured contact lenses. There are plenty of options to choose from than just solid white contacts. Blind white contact lenses can go perfectly with the character if you want to give an absolute transformation to your character. Without blind zombies, you feel a sense of in completion in your movie and therefore it is important that you choose the white contacts wisely for every different zombie.

Bloodshot Zombie Contact Lenses

Thinking to go a little out of the box and weirdly creepy for another zombie looks? Then the bloodshot contact lenses should be your ultimate choice. A blood spat look is an absolute jaw dropping look for the character of zombies. The eyes of the zombies will look like they are splattered with blood and the reddish shade of the pupil will give your entire look a very unique touch. The blood streaks in the eyes are enough to give a proper scare to the fans and will definitely be going to create horrific scenes throughout the movie.

Glow In The Dark Contact Lenses

Here is another option for you that you can select for any horrific character for your movie, yes, you read that right! It is the glow in the dark contact lenses and especially the yellow UV glow Halloween coloured contact lenses. They are the best type of lenses that you can use especially for the night time scenes. These glow in the dark lenses come in different colours too such as blue, white, green and red but the impact that yellow colour makes in the dark is absolutely mesmerizing.

Blind White Mini Sclera Lenses

Dilated pupils in 17mm sclera lenses are enough to give a dangerous and wild look to your zombies for your next apocalypse movie. Using blind white mini sclera contact lenses to recreate a zombie look is something that your fans are not going to miss.

The usage of different whiteout contacts is very important especially if you want the viewers to stay hooked on the movie. They always want to be on the edge of their seats especially when they are watching any horror movie. So make sure to have a check list of the possible white coloured contact lenses that you can have in order to give a different and eerie look to all the zombies in the movie!


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