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Safety Tips for Handling Colour Contact Lenses

Safety Tips for Handling Colour Contact Lenses

Do you love making changes to your style frequently? Would you experiment with colours when it comes to contact lenses? It’s great if your answer is yes but do you think you really know all the proper steps when you are removing colour contact lenses and taking all other safety measures? Especially if you have just begun wearing contact lenses or are a first-timer, chances are that you may be completely unaware of all the care and safety measures of handling and removing contact lenses.

On the other hand, if you are a frequent contact lenses wearer, you must also keep updating yourself on the various steps and tips for handling contact lenses on the off-chance that you may be missing out on a few in the long run.

Read on to find out what steps to follow and when removing the coloured contacts and how to take care of them and follow other eye and lens safety tips.

3 Steps to Follow When Handling Your Contacts

  • Before Handling Contacts: Wash your hands thoroughly using soap and water and dry them well with a lint-free towel.
  • After Removal of Lenses: Before you store your contact lenses in the case, gently rub each lens with the solution. After that use a fresh solution to rinse each lens to ensure disinfection. Squeeze ample solution into both compartments of your lens case so that each lens is covered properly.
  • Wearing the Lens: When it is time to wear your coloured contacts, disinfect them once more by rinsing them with the solution. Throw away the used solution, wash out the lens case with fresh solution. Do not use water and let it air dry.

What to do if you Can’t remove your contact lenses?

If you are having trouble removing your contacts, there is no need to panic. Practice taking out your lenses using the following tips till you get a hang of it.

Tip 1: Make an effort to slide the lens to the white area of your eye and then follow the step-by-step removal process from this part.

Tip 2: You can also try to pull the lens towards your lower eyelid so that it can help you lift it off the surface in case it’s a little stuck.

Tip 3: One of the reasons you may face difficulty in removing the lenses is that your eyes may be dry. Applying eye drops can ease the process of removing the lens from your eye.

Safety Tips for Coloured Contacts

Coloured contact lenses are quite popular globally and help enhance the beauty and build the confidence of many but wearing them requires a lot of care and safety precautions.

To keep your peepers in optimum condition, here are some safety tips that you must follow when wearing contact lenses.

  • Don’t wear contact lenses overnight.

Never sleep with your lens on. The supply of oxygen to the eyes is reduced when you are sleeping and the eye surface becomes vulnerable to infections. On top of that, all the germs that are on the lens would also spread in your eyes when they are slammed against your cornea.

  • Don’t wear your contact lenses while taking a shower or swimming.

All kinds of water bodies can cause eye infection because swimming pools, seawater, lakes, rivers, and even tap water are rampant with an organism known as acanthamoeba which is hazardous. Wearing contact lenses in water opens up the path for serious eye infections.

  • Always use a fresh solution.

If you think you can save a little money by reusing the contact lens solution, you can’t be more wrong. It’s dangerous to reuse the solution because it’s disinfecting property evaporates after it is used.

  • Avoid using a saline solution.

Saline solution is sterile saltwater and doesn’t disinfect or clean your contact lenses. You must use a proper lens solution that disinfects and cleans the lenses.

  • Replace your contact lens case in 60-90 days.

Just like a toothbrush, you need to change your lens case every 60-90 days period as it gets dirty over time.

  • Take out your contacts immediately if there is any irritation.

It may seem obvious, but it is pretty common to ignore the warning signs especially if you are busy or distracted. However, to avoid any infection or problem, take the coloured contacts out instantly.

  • Don’t even think of using saliva as a wetting agent.

The dirtiest place in your body is your mouth so it is pretty obvious to not use this disgusting method.

Safety When Wearing Contacts

You need to proactively implement safety measures when you opt to wear coloured contacts to keep your eyes protected. Regular cleaning and care are a must to prevent the contacts from being contaminated as it can directly affect your eyes.

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