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Petrifying Cosplay That You Can Try with Black Contacts

Petrifying Cosplay That You Can Try with Black Contacts

The much-awaited occasion of Halloween calls for nothing but cosplay which has become a sort of competition on its own. Apart from partying, trick or treat, and dinner, the majority impatiently waits for this event so that they can role-play their favourite character and show everyone their side of creativity. Since Halloween is just around the corner, it’s time for you to commence the preparation for your cosplay so that you can be all set to flaunt your unique look on the spookiest night of October.

What’s more difficult than sourcing the outfit and beauty products is finding inspiration. With the right image in mind, one can be sure about creating an unforgettable cosplay that attracts and thrive throughout the occasion. We know it can be difficult to find the right inspiration and especially something that looks distinguished from others and perfectly aligns with the original look.

The core element to portraying an elegant cosplay is to adopt each and everything. You can’t just walk around in the same outfit as the inspired character and expect the audience to go crazy over your look. You have to invest your efforts in changing your appearance from head to toe. That includes everything from your hair to facial features like eye colour so that your cosplay can be perfectly in sync with the chosen character.

In that way, rendition of yours will be captivating and you will stand out from most of the cosplayers. Another major thing to look out for is the eyes. They need to be curated as well to reflect perfection and make your cosplay look realistic. Since there are countless contacts available in different shades and textures, you can be worried-free about finding a suitable one for yourself.

Among the plethora of contacts, black lenses are widely preferred during Halloween as they reflect the darkness which is actually the prime theme of this occasion. So, if you have been thinking of adopting a creepy look this Halloween, then all you need is to put on the preferred black contacts and you are ready to rock the party.

We have gathered several inspirations for you that can be cosplayed through black coloured lenses. What’s special about our pick is that they are effortless to adopt and still make quite an unimaginable impact. So, scroll down and find out the suitable inspiration for yourself:

Evil Queen from Snow White

If you want to relive your childhood days by cosplaying a character from classic Disney movies, then nothing’s better than cosplaying the wicked queen from Snow White. There’s nothing scary about the outfit but the evil persona of the character itself. So, you will have to stay in the role throughout the night. As for the outfit, there are several versions of this renowned character but the most acclaimed one will require the basic outfit only. You can just wear a black suit with a cape, golden crown, and a little bit of makeup. Grab a fancy mirror as well to show who’s the fairest of them all.

Samara from The Ring

Your cosplay doesn’t have to be complicated to be spooky. Keeping that in mind, you can come up with a fiery cosplay by adopting the look of Samara from The Ring and that doesn’t even require you to spend too much on accessories. The costume is minimalist yet dark enough to bring shivers down the spine. All you need is super long hair that can be arranged through a wig, a dirt-covered white nightgown and a creepy voice. Your eyes won’t be visible when you are in your character but putting on Blackout Contact Lenses can further enhance the creepiness of the cosplay.

Sister Mary Eunice from American Horror Story

Monsters in American Horror Story has been acclaimed for their fearful appearance and since the blockbuster series will be back in October, you can express your admiration by cosplaying one of the characters. You will find many monsters to choose from but the fiery vibes of the White Nun are next to none. The creepy black tears and the white dress will surely frighten the life out of the audience and make you the spotlight for being so demonic. Don’t forget to wear the Black Sclera Contacts to accurately depict the look of the malevolent nun.

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