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Perfect Elsa Makeup for Frozen Themed Winter Party

Perfect Elsa Makeup for Frozen Themed Winter Party

When you think of winters, movies, and an adorable story, Frozen, a classic with great singing, fun, and humor, is just the perfect flick to warm you up on a chilly winter night. Not only is the whole theme quite interesting, but the main character Elsa’s looks are also quite appealing too. From Halloween Party to birthday parties to theme parties for adults, Elsa’s costume and looks are quite popular. So, we decided to bring a detailed Queen Elsa make-up tutorial for you - only this time, it is for adults instead of little girls. It’s a practical version that you can easily wear on a night out or wear it to a Frozen themed party.

The Eyes

Elsa’s eyes are one of the most prominent features of her looks along with her beautiful blonde hair. She has two deep pools of blue that can be easily replicated with blue eye contacts. The rest of her look requires a bright purple shade over her lids with just a dash of it swept over the lower lids. For a more dramatic and sophisticated look, blend in a bright burgundy pink-tinted shade in the sockets and crease of her eyes. You can enhance the crease with these colors to define it. Use bold, dark liner, on the upper lash-line and the lower lash-line too. Complete the look with fake lashes and heavy mascara to give them that thick and luscious look. 

  1. Cover your entire socket area in a matte brown shade in medium tones. Sweep it towards your brow-bone. This is going to be the transition color that will help blend the rest of the shades on the sockets. You can use any balanced shade with a slight reddish tint to create that natural look. 
  2. For the next step, go for a deep burgundy shade, again in matte, and apply it on the crease directly. Then, blend in the color using a small, fluffy brush. You must mainly focus on the burgundy shade in the crease for a defined signature look of Elsa’s. Blending is the key here. Avoid sharp lines. The whole color should be perfectly blended without any harsh lines. 
  3. Use a shimmer palette for the next color. Cover your entire eyelid and lower lash-line with a lilac-purple shimmery shade. Again blend, blend, and blend once again to soften up any harsh lines or edges. 
  4. Fire up this whole look with thick black eyeliner on your eyelids. Do the same with lower and upper lash-line and finish off with fake lashes and thick mascara like explained above. Don’t forget to wear a pair of blue contact lenses to mirror the beautiful pool-like eyes of Queen Elsa.


Queen Elsa is different from other Disney Princesses because she doesn’t have that characteristic pout. Instead, she has this sophisticated and chic smile that truly matches and reflects her character’s strength. Although her eyes are a more prominent feature on her face, her lips have their charm. Against her sultry eyes, she has frosty pink color on her lips. For this, you can wear a glossy pink lipstick by your favorite brand that complements her luscious eye-makeup.


The only thing that Queen Elsa has in common with Disney princesses is her flawless skin. Smooth, clear, fresh, and supple skin is the characteristic look that you need to replicate. To achieve this, you need to wash up and moisturize your skin properly. Apply a light and airy foundation layer for a little coverage. Dab a few drops of concealer on the darker spots to get a clear look like Elsa. Highlight your cheekbones for the glow. For the natural blush, use light pink blush similar in color to the ones used on dolls. For a more flushed look which is characteristic of Disney heroines, you can go for a heavier blush.

If it is just a night out with friends, you can just carry this look with your regular hair but if you are going to a costume party, then your look is incomplete without the super-light hair of Elsa’s just you’re your eye makeup is incomplete without the blue contacts. A braided blond wig, accessorized with glittery snowflakes (you can skim some off from Christmas/Winter Season decorations) for the perfect Frozen look.  Round the whole look off with a puffy blue dress if it’s a themed party. Otherwise, a glittery or frozen blue shirt, dress pr anything similar would look equally fine.
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