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Perfect Coloured Contact Lenses For Dark Eyes

Perfect Coloured Contact Lenses For Dark Eyes

Changing appearances is all fun and games especially when you are trying different coloured contact lenses to give yourself a different and creative look. However, it is important that people must know which coloured lens to opt for considering the original colour of their eyes. Some people with dark coloured eyes opt for dark coloured lenses which do not completely make that required impact that the lenses must make. Which is why it is important that you know the perfect accessory before trying it on to look different than ordinary.

Many people with dark eyes and try coloured contact lenses do not get that natural effect because their real colour can also be seen underneath the lenses. There might be different reasons for the coloured lens not standing out for instance, such as using low quality or poor brand lens or the colour is the same as your skin tone or due to the opacity of the lens.

There are different celebrities with dark eyes such as Kanye West or Selena Gomez and yet they succeed to slay the coloured lenses by choosing the perfect shades for their eyes. There are some smart tips and tricks that you need to have up your sleeve in order to slay your looks with coloured contact lenses despite your real eye colour.

Got dark eye colours? Not an issue because this is what you need to know to look different in any way you want!

Always make sure that you do not compromise on the quality of the coloured lenses and must be FDA approved. Using low quality or cheaper contact lenses is only going to cause discomfort in your eyes and might affect the vision. Therefore, before buying coloured contact lenses your top priority must be high quality lenses.

Tones of Coloured Contact Lenses

If you look closely in your eyes, you will notice that your eyes aren’t a single block of solid colour, in fact they are made up of specks that create the unique eye colour. This is what makes your eye colour look more unique and different than the others. The lenses are usually in one, two or three toned styles. Mostly single toned lenses are opaque whereas three toned styles are delicate and graceful. If you have darker eye colours, then it is best to go for one toned lenses because if you want to choose any lighter shade such as light blue coloured contact lenses then they will look more opaque and your real eye colour will be less obvious beneath the lens. Moreover, if you want to choose a subtle lens then always go for three toned lenses as they will perfectly blend in with your natural eye colour.

Best Colours For Darker Eyes


If you want to jump from brown eyes to blue eyes then to obtain a different yet natural look is to go for blue coloured contact lenses with sapphire tones or shades of light blue. You can transform yourself in an absolute day dreamy look with light hues as you pop in sky blue or aqua blue coloured contacts and achieve a striking yet piercing gaze that will look absolutely beautiful and cold at the same time.


Greens are always the best colour for coloured contact lenses if you want to achieve a dramatic look. But since there are different shades in green you need to ensure that you pick the right shade of green. For a natural and striking look, icy green colour is the best coloured contact lenses or you can even try medium opacity lenses such as mystic green contact lenses. If your natural eye colour is hazel or amber then the three toned contact lenses will give your appearance a beautifully different look.


Seeking for a radiant change in your dark eyes? Then choose for brown coloured contact lenses as they will give an effect of glow and pop in your eyes. Use light hazel or three tone brown coloured contacts to create a dazzling appearance.


Another perfect colour that will enhance your eyes beautifully are the different shades of violet such as sweet violet or pure violet coloured contacts. If your eyes are naturally dark brown in colour, then these beauties are best to lift your looks and enhance your overall appearance.


Always remember that changing the eye colour is all fun but even every style comes with a price! So do not forget to use lenses which are of best quality and make sure that the hygiene is properly maintained so that there is no compromise at any level!

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