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Mind-Blowing Coloured Contact Lenses In Movies

Mind-Blowing Coloured Contact Lenses In Movies

Whenever we tend to watch any movie or TV series, we usually check out the costumes, the makeup, and the accessories that celebrities and artists are wearing. This somehow interests us and also tells us about the latest trends about what is going on in the world of fashion. Moreover, we also notice the eye colours of the celebrities as they wear different coloured contact lenses according to their characters. As technology advances, the lenses also now come with different varieties and special effects which look extremely dramatic and realistic that complement the costumes in the Hollywood industry. Let’s take a stroll to some of the famous movies and series which used mind-blowing coloured contact lenses on the characters.

The Twilight Saga

Twilight contact lenses are popularly known in the movie industry as all parts of this movie were super hit and the coloured contact lenses used in these parts were magnificent. The Twilight Bella lenses and vampire red breaking dawn lenses looked absolutely rocking as they completed the entire vampire looks of the characters. Twilight coloured lenses come in different variations and perfectly fit every vampire character and made them look totally real and incredible.

The Host

Another romantic science fiction thriller work by Stephenie Meyer, where the souls, a kind of alien race, would come and settle on the planet Earth and begin taking over humans. The striking eye colours used by the artists were undoubtedly hard not to notice especially with all that action. Contact lenses were a hot commodity in the special effect world. We cannot blame the fans for not having to long for those contact lenses as they are absolutely mesmerising with a bright white center and coloured ring on the outside.


This was a werewolf movie back in mid-90s which wasn’t exactly a super hit, in spite of having big casts like Michelle Pfeiffer, Jack Nicholson, and James Spader. People didn’t love the movies as much as they loved the usage of coloured contact lenses in it. The actors used sclera lenses in different shades such as black and yellow that covered their entire eyes and looked absolutely dramatic along with their crazy werewolf looks.

West World

A super hit series by HBO, WestWorld is based on the movie from 1973. In the original movie, the lead artist Yul Brynner was portrayed as a gunslinger and achieved an eye-shining effect with coloured contact lenses that had silver reflecting light which would create an unsettling glow. Perfect for the villain character he played!

Alice In Wonderland

The most famous Alice In Wonderland by Tim Burton is still a favourite movie and is being watched again and again by the fans. Of course, it stars our favourite Johnny Depp and his character of the Mad Hatter with fluorescent green coloured contact lenses were totally spot on. With his eyes being enlarged through special effects, the crazy green colour looked amazing and stood out perfectly in his character.


Numerous people from the cast wore coloured contact lenses including Halle Berry who tried white colored contact lenses as she played the character of storm. Tyler Mane, actor who portrayed as Sabretooth wore black coloured contact lenses throughout the movie and completely slayed his look for the character.

Game Of Thrones

Another blockbuster TV series by HBO, Game of Thrones is not dependent on any introduction. The characters were totally amazing and what made them look epic were their eyes. The look given to the White Walker and The Night King with striking blue coloured contact lenses made his character look so real and terrifying at the same time.

This concludes that if you really want to make your movie or TV series a super hit, you need to make sure that the artists playing their respective roles must look as close to the characters as possible. And this can be only achieved if you have the correct costume, makeup and of course coloured contact lenses along with some special effects. If you want to achieve any of those looks mentioned in the movies above, you can go through the wide range of coloured contact lenses available in top quality brands. You can use coloured contact lenses on different occasions such as Halloween, Christmas, wedding or any costume or cosplay party and slay your looks in style!

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