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Master Your Anime Eye Makeup with These Steps

Master Your Anime Eye Makeup with These Steps

All anime fans know that eyes play a very important role in the features of the characters. Especially the anime girls have the most distinct eyes that are huge, fringed with long lashes, and have unique eye colors. If you are a cosplay devotee and would love to transform yourself into your favorite anime characters, then you need to focus on the eyes. Using the tips given below, some makeup, and colored contact lenses, you will easily be able to master the anime eye makeup.

All you need are the following things in your makeup kit:

  • Black and white eyeliners in liquid, gel or solid form
  • Mascara & faux eyelashes
  • Foundation (Preferably ivory colored)
  • Translucent powder
  • Highlighter and contour stick
  • Pink colored blush
  • Liquid Lipstick (pastel pink or nudes)

Tip 1: Wear Contact Lenses before Makeup

If you plan to wear contact lenses, then wear them before applying any makeup. After that, you can apply the foundation and even add some sheer to it. After applying both evenly, blend it to soften the whole look. Apply a line under the lower lashes as well to make your eyes a more animated look.

Tip 2: Create a Wide-eye Effect
Using the white eyeliner, apply a neat line beneath the eye watermark and below the lashes on the upper eyelid. Apply some translucent powder under your eyes with the same sponge you used for foundation and sheer. Stick to your T-zone and let the rest of the skin carry the dewy look.

Tip 3: Lashes and Mascara Application

Two things are an integral part of a cosplay fan’s makeup kit. Halloween contact lenses and faux eyelashes. Now that you are done with your contact lenses and white eyeliner, it is time to apply the faux lashes. Ultra-long and extremely thick lashes are a necessity for eyes similar to dolls. 

Tip 4: Enhance Your Eyes Through Other Features

Using a highlighter and contouring kit, give a subtle highlight to your cheeks but use sharper contour near the jawline. To make your nose appear thinner, draw two sharp lines downwards. After this, make your cheeks rosier by using two shades of pink blush.

Tip 5: Fill Up Your Brows

Brush through your brows with a filler pencil and then use an ink liner in brown to fill in the gaps adding a few hairs here and there. Make your brows a bit bushier.

Tip 6: Mimic Eye-bags

To get original anime-like eyes, you need to mimic eye-bags under the eyes. You can do it using a contour kit. It will make your eyes look bigger and more animated. 

Tip 7: Shape Up Your Eyes

To make your eyes look like the most beautiful anime characters, just wearing blue colored contact lenses and applying eyeliners is not enough. It would be best if you had further contouring on the outer corners of the eyes (top and bottom both). Now apply the highlighter across the upper eyelid. Add some white eyeshadow in the corners of the eyes above the eye-bags that you mimicked. 

Tip 8: Define Your Eyes with a Sharp Wing.

Now comes the most interesting part. Using your black eyeliner ( for this purpose, it is better to solid black liquid liner), apply a thick, defining line on your upper lid closer to the lashes and create a sharp cat-like wing. The winged eyeliner makes your eyes prominent and gives you a wide-eyed look.

Once the eyeliner is dry on the upper lid, starting from the middle of the eye, draw a fine and neat line parallel to your white liner, going outwards. This will create a very fine line under the white eyeliner. Merge the corner of both lines on upper and lower lid lines to create a dramatic wing. Another look you can try is to bring the eyeliner downwards that would give you a more extended lash look. You can experiment to see which style appeals to you more.

Tip 9: Apply More Faux Lashes and mascara

This is optional, but if you do apply more faux lashes after applying the liner, it will seem that you have thick eyelashes. Then apply the mascara you have chosen and use it in top and bottom both including the corners. You can even add some single lashes to the outer edge beneath the eyes to ace the anime look and create more drama.  

Tip 10: Finish Off with Shimmer and Liquid Lipstick

Finish off the whole look by dusting over some highlighter to produce a light dusting. Using a pastel pink or peach shade, apply some liquid lipstick in the center of your lips and then dab it towards the corners with your finger.

These are some detailed makeup tips that can help you flaunt your anime look perfectly.
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