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M3GAN- A Deadly Doll With Killer Coloured Contact Lenses

M3GAN- A Deadly Doll With Killer Coloured Contact Lenses

We see numerous horror movies related to dolls such as Child’s Play, Annabelle, Dead Silence, The Boy, and many more and to add the list a recent horror, sci-fi thriller movie ‘M3GAN’ released earlier this year and has made its mark for the horror movie fans.

Being a horror movie fan comes with an advantage because you come to know about different inspirations for your next cosplay or Halloween party. Speaking of which the recently released horror movie M3GAN is totally one of a kind because of the looks and the detailing that is given to the doll to create its signature look.

Hollywood is known for many famous creepy doll movies but when this one was coming many people look up to this doll as an inspiration because M3GAN is different from Chucky or Annabelle, she is neither human but also looks like a human, like a real-life mannequin that makes an unsettling effect on the fans and they love it.

If you are thinking about your next costume for any dress-up party or fancy dress party, then you must keep M3GAN in your mind because this eerie robotic doll looks mind-blowing in its on-spot appearance.

The dress is silk sateen which makes it look creepy in the baby doll dress in the striped T-shirt, white leggings, bow, and camel coloured sateen puffy shoulders making M3GAN look absolutely innocent yet deadly at the same time. As for as the appearance is concerned it is incomplete without coloured contact lenses and to dress up as M3GAN you must own a pair of grey contact lenses as they will make your appearance eerie and spooky.

Other doll characters are now too mainstream for the costume parties but this beautiful murder doll is definitely going to be the top choice of many horror fans. You can buy contact lenses online and check out the makeup inspiration tutorials too online to make sure you look exactly like M3GAN for your next character.

Cosplay fans always need new inspirations and ideas to dress up as creatively as possible and with the new girl in town, this idea is definitely going to be a head turner for many. The AI doll M3GAN almost looks real and once you succeed to attain the exact look by having the perfect costume, long flowing blonde hair, and pairing it with silver or grey contact lenses, you are all set to spread the killer vibes at the party. If you cannot get silver coloured lenses then you can also adopt the fake human look with the natural tones of coloured contact lenses. You can choose from the range of coloured contact lenses Australia and go for the natural contact lenses to mimic the cool toned eyes of M3GAN.

Dolls are a very popular Halloween costume because there is always a lot of room to play around with the characters. This season it can be one of the iconic options for all the girl fans to DIY the looks and do something different other than getting dressed up as Barbie, Bride of Chucky or Annabelle. Many makeup influencers have already started sharing their inspirations and makeup tricks on social media to look exactly like the villain doll M3GAN and for human cosplaying it is essential that you look balanced in such a way that you create the perfect look of AI human like doll.

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