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Let Your Shyness Take a Break with Halloween Contact Lenses

Let Your Shyness Take a Break with Halloween Contact Lenses

Do you always dream to dress up as your friends on events like Halloween without any worries but can’t do so because of your shyness? Well, wouldn’t you love to break away from your shyness for a dress-up gala, a costume party, or the Halloween bash? It is possible. Just get yourself a pair of Halloween contact lenses and you will turn into a new leaf.

There is nothing wrong with feeling a bit shy, especially if you are meeting strangers. Even the most confident people can sometimes be hiding all their shyness behind their bravado. Even the boldest of people feel nervous at times. However, with the right looks and makeup, you can bolster up your courage and you can also conquer your shyness. You may be wondering how? Well, all you need to do is get your game going with this special guide about Halloween contacts that will help you break away from your shyness and rock the party like a Rockstar.

Start Small When Dressing Up

It is the gradual steps that matter the most. Follow one step after another and you will be able to achieve the most impossible milestones.

One of the best things about any cosplay party or masquerade is that you are not going there as yourself. Therefore, you have the liberty to throw away all your worries and transform yourself truly into the character that you have selected and adopt their characteristics too. There can be no chance of any judgmental attitudes and the worry to fit in with a crowd either.

Steps that Can Help in Overcoming Hesitation

There are a few things that you need to keep in mind when you are trying to overcome your shyness and hesitation. Before you do anything else, keep telling yourself that this is something you are only doing for yourself. You are doing this at home and there’s no one to see you. It matters a lot as this can be the foundation to build your confidence. Here are a few steps that can help you build your confidence. You can adapt them to any order that you would like.

  1. Browse through various characters and opt for the one you find most suitable.
  2. Research different costumes and see which one is the easiest for you to pull off. If you want, you can take a second opinion from a friend but don’t dwell too much on it. Take action. 
  3. Assemble your whole outfit. You don’t really need to go the extra mile. Just a few things you will be comfortable in would work well along with a pair of coloured contact lenses
  4. Have some fun. Call your bestie or get your go-to person to help you get into the costume and character while having lots of laughs. 
  5. Check out yourself in the mirror when ready. If you have achieved what you were aiming for, get your contacts, and accentuate your eyes to complete the ensemble. 
  6. Now comes the final part. Take a thorough look at yourself in the mirror. Do you look and feel different? If your answer is negative, then you are perfectly ready to go party. Just buck yourself up and get ready to have an awesome time. 

PRO TIP 1: In case you feel a little shaky or do not feel like pulling it off, then you should practice these steps ahead of time. You can also take a snapshot of yourself and place it in your mirror and look at it every day. Once you get used to seeing yourself in the costume, it will be easier for you to wear it outside as well.

PRO TIP 2: Another pro tip to keep you steady is that you can tell yourself that you are at the party for only 10 minutes. Keep this mantra going. Once the initial 10 minutes have passed, you will already be comfortable enough to stay longer. 

Don’t Compromise on Quality

When it comes to contact lenses, if you are even a bit apprehensive, it is recommended that you go for a natural shade like browns or hazels and practice wearing them. After you are used to them, then go for some bold options in the Halloween contacts.

If you are going to wear coloured lenses for the very first time, it is best not to compromise on quality. People who wear contacts regularly already know how important it is not to compromise on quality, but beginners tend to do so. Not only can low-quality lenses damage your eyes, but they can also shake up your confidence. It is important that whatever colour you are wearing, you are comfortable and there is no irritation.
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