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Let’s Celebrate Pokemon-Themed Halloween Eve

Let’s Celebrate Pokemon-Themed Halloween Eve

Pokemon has been one of the favorite anime shows of the decade. Its popularity was witnessed when the Pokemon GO game was launched. This game has not left a single person, be it a child or a teen or an adult unaffected. Everyone wanted to find their Pokémon. If your group is planning to play the same game once again, then why not dress up like its characters as well and then go out to find your Pokemon? Instead of sweets, ask your neighbors to either let you get your Pokémon, or you will trick them.

Ash Ketchum

Ash is the main protagonist of the Pokemon series and is one of the strongest characters of the show. His love for Pokémon made him the kindest trainer. Though he wanted another Pokémon when he got a chance to choose one. However, destiny brought Pikachu into his life and since then the great friendship between Ash and Pikachu started. If you wish to take Ash’s avatar this Halloween night, but don’t know from where to get started then worry not. Here you will find some useful tips to get dressed like him. For the costume get a black basic T-shirt for the undershirt and a half-sleeve blue top with white highlights. For the bottoms, wear any casual blue jeans and pair them up with red and black sneakers. Similarly, get a pair of fingerless gloves and a red P-cap. To make the cap look-alike Ash, paint a half poke ball at the top and color the shade white. If you want to get fancier, you can also DIY a poke ball or carry a Pikachu stuff toy on your shoulder. 

Tracey Sketchit

Tracy is an immensely talented guy who served Professor Oak as an assistant. He is curious about Pokémon and can make a quick sketch of any Pokémon he sees in no time. He has vast knowledge regarding Pokémon and is able to conclude what attack a particular Pokémon will make by judging its movement. Although Tracey doesn’t get into many Pokémon battles, when he does, no one can defeat him. If you chose to dress-up as Sketchit this Halloween night, then here are some useful and quick ideas to recreate his look. To match Tracey’s attire, wear short sleeves green basic t-shirt which has dark green seams. Pair it up with deep red shorts and tennis shoes. The color of the shoes should be violet and orange with white soles. Complete your costume with an orange headband and the same color backpack with black belts. For a Hallow-eve look, you can also put white colored contacts to give your eyes an animated feel. 


Brock was originally a gym leader but soon he realized his dream job was to become one of the greatest Pokémon breeders the world has seen.  He was considered to be the most intelligent and mature guy among all the characters. His greatest strength was the attention to detail. He could easily figure out how the Pokemon was feeling at any moment. Though he never took part in battles but he surely knew the strategies and used to help his friends win their Pokémon battles. If you consider yourself as smart as him then his character is perfect for you to be this Halloween night. For the costumes, select a rust-colored basic half-sleeves t-shirt and get a grass green cargo waistcoat with four pockets to wear over it. For the bottoms, get six-pocket trousers or chinos in brown color and match the same color belt with a golden buckle. Add some realistic look by turning your hair into wild spikes and wear a pair of blue-grey sneakers with white trim. Brock’s eyes were never shown open until it was opened naturally, so you can use white out Halloween contact lenses for a blind eye look. 


He is a young handsome dude who is a bit insulting sometimes but is an eye-candy for all the girls. If you are planning to get-up like him then know, you will have to dye your hair green and also wear green colored contacts to match his eyes. For the attire put on a long-sleeved black t-shirt and take a purple jacket with short sleeves on it. Pair up your shirt and jacket with teal trousers and black shoes. Don’t forget to carry a red rose in your hand as Drew used to carry one wherever he used to go. And get all the attention at the party by flickering your green hair and spreading your charm. 

These were the few major characters of the most famous anime and game Pokemon, you can surely choose other characters as well. If you want, you can also do the make-up theme based on Pokemon animals.

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