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Kids Next Door Characters Get-Up for Halloween 2020

Kids Next Door Characters Get-Up for Halloween 2020

Kids’ next door is nostalgia for the 90’s kids. If you’ve loved this show, then consider disguising as one of the five main characters from this show on Halloween and relive your childhood memories. The get-ups are not that difficult or very time consuming, so you can achieve the looks within no time and minimalistic effort. Moreover, you won’t have to spend hundreds of bucks for the costume or get it custom made; you can get the work done from the basic casual wears from your wardrobe.

Number 1- MR Uno

Nigel-Uno was the gang leader and has truly proved to be one of the best. He was a typical American smart kid who had all solutions for the problems. All you need is a bright red turtle neck and brown shorts. Pair it up with light brown boots and wear a pair of white socks underneath. If you are already bald, then you won’t have to do much, but if not, then use silicon covering to cover your hair and paint it with the same colour as of your skin tone. Top up with a pair of round sunshades and Voila! You are ready to explore the adventurous Halloween night with your other four mates. 

Number 2 - Hogarth Pennywhistle 

If you have a bubbly personality with a smart mind then Hoagie, popularly known as Number 2 at Sector V is what you should become. To replicate this character, you will need a half sleeve casual sky-blue shirt; if buttons are yellow then it would be a cherry on top. Pair that up with simple brown pants and black and white sneakers. As Number 2 was an inventor and a pilot of the gang, get an old-styled aviator hat in brown colour, and complete your look with bright yellow flying goggles. If you wish to achieve the closest look to the character then consider wearing a fat bodysuit inside your attire. 

Kuki Sanban the Number 3

Every guy who has watched this cartoon would have a crush on this cute and happy-go-lucky girl. If you wish to turn yourself into this cheerful character for your sweetheart, then here are some great tips. For hair, you can either choose to wear a wig or you can also transform your hair-style as this is one of the popular hairstyles even in 2020 for young girls. Create an Asian look with cosmetics and use full eye black contact lenses to get those full black Chinese eyes. For the costume, you’ll need a light green oversized plain t-shirt and same colour socks. Pair it up with body-hugging black trousers or leggings and for the shoes go with black and white sneakers, similar to number 2. 

Wally the fearless- Number 4

Wallabee was an ideal character for young guys. He was courageous, strong, and adventurous. This young blond guy has inspired many boys, if you were also his fan, then try transforming yourself into this wild animated personality. A blond, bowl-cut hair wig is easily available in the market or you can also get it styled. Although his eyes were always hidden under his long bangs later it was found that he had green eye colour. If you have natural emerald eyes, then it’s good for you but if not, then you can always use emerald-coloured Halloween contact lenses. For the outfit, you’ll need an orange hooded sweater, blue jeans, and a pair of white shoes. If you are the shortest among your group, then you will surely rock this look.

Abby the Smartest Kid 

Abigail was intelligent and well-read, which is why she called herself number 5. If you relate to this young beauty with brains, then get ready for this effortless and cool get-up. For those girls, who have fair skin tone, go to the beach and get some tan. If that is not possible, then you can use make-up to temporally tan your face and body. Get white Mary-Janes and if you have it in black, then paint it white for the night. Pair it up with a navy-blue shirt dress with white stripes on the seams and a bright scarlet cap. Finish up your look with hooped gold earrings and tie a braid with a pink rubber band. 

These looks are perfect for a group of 5 friends and you will surely love the results. Re-live the nostalgic moments and not just by watching the show on repeat, but by becoming their live human versions.

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