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Keeping Your Contact Lenses Accessories Clean

Keeping Your Contact Lenses Accessories Clean

Our Halloween contact lenses offer a convenient and fun way to make your cosplay better. However, maintaining your lenses' cleanliness is crucial to ensuring your eyes remain healthy and free from bacterial contamination. Equally important is the hygiene of the contact lenses accessories, like a case that houses them. In this article, we will guide you on how to clean your contact lens case effectively and why it's imperative.

The Significance of Clean Contact Lens Cases

Before diving into the cleaning process, let's emphasise the importance of a contact lens solution and case. Just like your lenses, the case can become a breeding ground for harmful microbes over time. Therefore, it is vital to clean your contact lens case daily to ensure the safety of your lenses and the well-being of your eyes.

4 Simple Steps to a Clean Contact Lens Case

Cleaning your contact lens case is a straightforward process. However, specific steps may vary depending on the type of cleaning or multipurpose solution you use. Always follow the product instructions and any additional guidance from your eye care professional. Here's how to clean your contact lens case effectively:

1. Start with Clean Hands

Begin by thoroughly washing your hands with antibacterial soap. Clean hands are essential to prevent the transfer of germs and oils to your contact lens case during cleaning. Use a clean, lint-free towel to dry your hands.

2. Ensure the Case Is Empty

Before cleaning the case, verify that it is empty. Confirm that your lenses are removed, along with any leftover solution. Never use a used contact lens washer as part of the cleaning process, as it may contain germs.

3. Rinse the Contact Lens Case

Use a multipurpose or contact cleaning solution to rinse the case, including the caps, following the solution's instructions. Afterwards, empty the solution. Only use a fresh, unexpired contact lens washer for rinsing, as non-sterile fluids may leave harmful bacteria or chemicals behind.

Never clean your case with water, soap, or other non-approved cleaning products.

4. Allow the Case to Air Dry

After rinsing your contact lenses accessories, let it air dry. Avoid using a towel to wipe it, as this can introduce contaminants. Instead, place the case and caps face on a clean, lint-free towel or washcloth. This will allow any remaining solution to drain onto the towel and protect the case from airborne particles.

Seal and store the case and caps in a clean, dry area once the case and caps are completely dry. Repeat this process after each use.

When to Replace Your Contact Lens Case

Regularly replacing your contact lens case is essential for maintaining hygiene. A general rule of thumb is to replace it every one to three months, but this can vary based on the type of contacts, solution, and case you use. If your case becomes cracked or damaged, replace it immediately. Never use a lens pass it’s expiry and wear duration.

Keep in mind that the effectiveness of cleaning your contact lens case diminishes over time. Regular replacements reduce the risk of eye infections and other potential issues. You can browse our contact lens solution and case that fits your eye.


In summary, properly cleaning your contact lens accessories is paramount for maintaining eye health. Neglecting this crucial step in your contact lens care routine can risk your vision and eye safety. So, resist the temptation to skip this essential practice and ensure the well-being of your peepers!

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