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By Aditya Chauhan


Is it life-changing to wear green coloured contacts?

Is it life-changing to wear green coloured contacts?

“Who wants a cup of full of dwingle-syrup?”

The hall roared in approval as the servants served dwingle-syrup to the guest. No one knew what it was, but everyone wanted it. Trays crackled in the hands of the servants. The guests leaped to the soily-green fluid barely revolting in the odd wine glass. 

They held their glasses and cups in pristine semblance. Some gulped it down, others set to talk about the exotic syrup before they would savour it whole. The old would narrate the healing nature of the syrup and the young would just want to take a selfie holding their cup. All would halt over one sound.

“Only one glass left, who wants…”,

There was hardly any room for completing that sentence. If they had to crawl to that glass and it took them one year, they would. The guest hurried towards the one left like hasty spiders and circled like pilgrims of the mountain.

Do you want that last cup?

All the guest who danced to the periphery of the odd syrup never wondered what dwingle-syrup even was? They did not know. It could be cow’s pee for all we know. 

(Wait, is cow’s pee green? Let me google that.)

Often, we find one such green syrups holding the floor in parties and events. While most tend to leap towards the dwingle-syrup, a few have the potential to be one.

Be your own dwingle-syrup.

You want the stampede in your life which a simple syrup can possibly get. Its green. Yet, it has the audacity to stare back at a hall full of guests and remain an unwitting presence. Like there are very few green drinks (let’s ignore lime cordial for a while), there was even fewer green eyes. 

These eyes can create a stampede and manage to pull it towards them. Green eyes are the dwingle-syrup of the real world. No one knows why everyone loves them, but they just do.

How to get green eyes?

There are 7.6 billion humans walking on earth. 

285 million of whom are visually impaired. 

39 million people are blind.

Healthline says only TWO percent of those (who can see) have GREEN eyes. Let’s see what our options are for getting green eyes.

  1. Be the TWO percent.
  2. Alter your genes to get green eyes.
  3. Murder someone with green eyes and get theirs.
  4. (some more out of the world option)
  5. (another crazy idea)
  6. (get yourself killed option)
  7. (another stupid option)
  8. Buying green coloured lenses Australia

EIGHTS options for the TWO percent. Woah, that’s a bit much. 

The options seem weird but let’s go through them:

  1. Thanks, Captain Obvious. 
  2. Um, no.
  3. Oh, God. NO.
  4. Please die.
  5. No.
  6. I love my life, sorry.
  7. Ughhh.

BUT, but…

Where would I get green coloured contact lenses?

Good question, I will answer that in the next lecture. Just kidding, hold your thoughts. We will jump right into it. 

Green but which one?

You are in hurry for buying green eyes but you have to decide which one?

You know what, there is no ONE green. There is Jade. There is Emerald. There is Sea Green. Overwhelmed, yet? It is no easy being the dwingle-syrup. Its whirly. 

Before you awaken your green eyes, you have to consider your original eye colour. We made a whole fuss about eye colour and picking coloured contacts Australia here, check it out. In a nutshell, if you have light coloured eyes, go for sharp, opaque greens otherwise pick the light, transcalent ones.

Green but where?

You can only pick the perfect shade if you have them all lined in a tray or an online shelf. Is the street vendor offering your trays or shelf to pick your green coloured contact lenses? Are they selling certified contact lenses? Do they have Korean made lenses? NO.

They are out of option.

Find Halloween contact lenses Australia to be the provider of green that loves your eyes as much as your looks. Browse our online store to find the huge variety of green coloured contact lenses. There are freshtone lenses available which are super comfortable to wear.

One more thing: all our Freshtone lenses are KFDA approved and ISO certified.

You would be getting certified contact lenses for your new dwingle-syrup look. 

Dwingle. Dwingle. OUT.

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