Top Reasons Why You Should Not Miss Coloured Lenses This Halloween
By Halloween Contact Lenses

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Is COVID-19 saying no to your Coloured Contact Lenses?

Is COVID-19 saying no to your Coloured Contact Lenses?

Ah well, aren’t we talking about the sweetest thing that happened in 2020. 

Oh, 2020 (& kinda 2021 as well). What a nice year? Sit indoors, work from home, forget the sun (& warm hugs), and if you love someone forget ever being in close-range with them.  

The pandemic panic put everyone in their baby cage, wrapped a sheet of fibre around their nose & mouth (no, no I am talking about the city prison) and made them run for sanitizers. But the real question is: is your favourite-coloured contact lenses safe?

No long speeches – in a nutshell – if you are not sharing your contact lens and keep them in their solution (also following proper SOP’s), there is nothing to worry about. 

‘is that it?’

Yeah, that’s pretty much it. Unless you want to 9000-word document explaining everything about contact lenses Australia. Ah, the Hermione Granger here is going to cost me my sanity but no worries!

No pinky promises on the word count but here is a complete guide to using contact lenses Australia in 2021.

Are we giving up on the coloured contacts lenses lifestyle?

To be fair, NO!

Woah! Hold your expressions. Let me explain.

I know how much you love those green coloured contacts complementing your light brown eyes and to that end, here is the good news. Focus on the word caution and you never have to lose your dear purple contact lenses.

Even if the world was not hanging in a balance at the mercy of a pandemic, your eyes still need CARE! Protecting them from harm and letting them have ample oxygen is your job (like the only job). Keeping the Halloween contact lenses in the proper saline solution (do check if it has not expired) is the top measure which will keep your eyes safe. 

To top it off, never wear your contact lenses Australia for too long. The 1-year duration lens doesn’t mean you HAVE to wear it for a whole year. Imagine if you had to. Wouldn’t be too bad? Oh, dear.

Don’t get the wrong idea.

No. NO. You are not wearing them for a whole year. Forget one year, take your lens after at most 8 hours. 

Sharing is not caring anymore.

Even if you are the Sheldon Copper of contact lenses, you still cannot share your contacts with your friend or anyone for that matter. Never let anyone touch your contacts. Be strict. Glare at anyone who does. It is going to be a funny glare if you’re wearing those innocent purple coloured contacts. Hehe.

Always wash your hands before you wear them. ALWAYS. 

Put a note with academically stuffed up English to keep away your can-I-have-your-lenses-for-a-party friend. Send them away. 

Oh, no don’t shoo away completely. Show them to Halloween Contact Lenses Australia. 

Your eyes are safe with us

Pandemic or no pandemic, being responsible about your contacts is very important. When we say your eyes are safe with us, we are being fulfilling our side of the contract but what about you? We know that you dearly love your eye contacts experience and the look thereof. No one is telling you to throw that out of the window. It is always helpful to practice caution.

To keep your eyes and the experience sharp and stark, be sure to follow our safety guidelines.

How to get coloured contact lenses in Australia?

Awesome experience lies in finding the top-quality contact lenses place. There are a ton of street sellers who would offer you cheap coloured contacts in Australia, but we would suggest you do not take their bait. 

You would be sending a personal invite to a bad experience if you let your greedy pocket win. Always get your contact lenses from a verified place in Australia.

Where to get coloured contact lenses in Australia?

Halloween may not be around the corner, but Halloween Contact Lenses is surely keeping a check on your eye experience. Find your favourite coloured contact lenses at our online store. We sell top-notch coloured contact lenses in Australia. Our freshtone Lenses are KFDA Approved and ISO Certified which is big plus for your eye experience.

Our collections are diverse & risk-free so pick your favourite coloured lenses now!

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