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Inspiring Animal Looks You Can Easily Rock in Carnivals!!!

Inspiring Animal Looks You Can Easily Rock in Carnivals!!!

Around carnival time the excitement level reach to its peak. People are rushing to find a costume and do homework for a perfect makeup for a striking and fun look that will mesmerize other carnival goers. When it comes to carnival, we think of rainbows, glitters, vibrant colours, and bedazzling rhinestones. Carnival makeup is all about bright, dazzling, bold and sharp. Carnival make-up is less about enhancing own features, more about creating a demonstration. Here we will talk about some ideas of carnival make-up but more focusing on animal spectacle that will create a wild aura. There is no hard and fast rule about the animal theme makeup. So don’t miss the chance of converting into your favorite animal for upcoming Carnivals.

Costumes are always popular at carnivals, Halloween, Cosplay and theme parties especially if we talk about animal looks. You have been leopards, cats, dragons and snakes. Though they tend to be common choice, but there are so many other adorable animals’ looks you can pull off in upcoming winter carnival or fancy dress party.

Winter carnival is coming and things are about to get cuter with sclera lenses....

You have used sclera lenses for creating scary devil monster costumes. Why not change this perception this time! Surprise your friends with dazzling new animals look you create with sclera lenses and make a lasting impression with this top-notch costume. People are happening to be huge fan of animals then why not walk on the wild side with animal costumes from cute Panda look to the scary spider look. We will show how to make a nice Carnival makeup inspired by animals. Get inspired with your favorite animal and disguise yourself with outclass makeup. Animal makeup is not just about throwing on some fake ears or antlers, adorn yourself with some glitter. Grab a seat at your makeup counter and get ready to make these animal inspired looks come to life with black eyeliner, some blush and eyeshades.


They are playful, cute, and not to forget totally a piece of cake to pull off. You just need a simple makeup and a pair of sclera lenses.


What about a graceful giraffe. You don’t have to be tall to pull off the Giraffe look. This Giraffe can be your perfect carnival makeup. You can dress normally but your face should the palette to draw your the mask. Do the eyes with an emphasized Smokey look and make sure to finish off the look with a pair of full sclera lenses to make them bigger.

Night Owl

Knock into the owl’s state of mind with the full eye sclera lenses. Owls, the most majestic and beastly creatures of this world, prefer to hunt prey in the darkness. Get the piercing eyes to send shivers down the spines of people at carnival.


Occasions, festivals or parties offer us a chance to become a true creative. Transform yourself into one of your biggest fears ‘Spiders’!!! They can be a nightmare for some people especially in this cold weather. Spider look is always a great way to experiment with your skills. You can create so many variations of spiders and grab a pair of sclera lenses as the final piece of your costume.


Get ready to own the wild fun. Just slapping a tail and some ears will not work. Spice the look by drawing some patterns around eyes and slip in a pair of sclera lenses to take the look of little lemur to the next level.


Be a doe-eyed deer. Grab a pair of full sclera lenses; these make perfect fitting to accentuate the look of deer. Deer is one of the beloved animals in the forest.

Cordon-Bleu Bird

Carnival, be it for Mardi Gras or be it a pride, or winter or spring Gala, it’s all about being and feeling free and liberated like a bird. You just need to play around with colours to create the red-cheeked Cordon-bleu look. Go with some glitter and wings that span out the eyes. Throwing in some red colour on cheeks never hurt, either.

It’s about the trick not the skill...

Even if you are not a professional with cosmetics or if you are not used to for always apply make-up, still you will have no trouble creating a beautiful animal print make-up we have mentioned above because you have all the right products in your beauty counter or makeup bag and it requires a perfect trick to achieve exactly the kind of look you want. In fact, you will find out that you just have very little to accomplish to get the animal inspired look for Carnival. Among many costume ideas for a Carnival be it a fantasy, movie or comic characters, classic characters; animal is a star costume for carnival. Because the makeup will be the central point of the look, since it is what stands out the most of all the clothing. The main thing is to make sure that the animals come to life on our face.
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