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Insidious Halloween

Insidious Entities will Come to the Living World on Halloween Night Once Again

Insidious is a franchise of four horror movies that are the directorial hits of James Wan, Leigh Whannell, and Adam Robitel. The public has been a fan of this movie since its first part that came in 2011 and the fandom is still going strong. Well, if you have also watched all of the parts and waited and loved them, then bring out the horror by disguising one of the famous insidious entities this Halloween. Here are close tips and tricks for you to imitate these scary characters.

The Red Face Demon

Do you remember poor Dalton going into a deep slumber and being used as a vessel by an entity from the astral world? Well, it was this demon with a fire on his face. If you are bored to get-up as a demon and think of its cliché for Halloween night, then you must reconsider your decision. Because the red face demon is not the same. To disguise as this scary devil you’ll need a skin fitted black costume. Once after wearing this body-hugging attire, cover all your skin with black paint. After this paint, your face dark red and make some fiery silhouette patterns from black. Make sure to cover your head. You can use silicone covering on the head or get a bald helmet and then paint it further. Use full white contacts to give your eyes a devilish feel. Don’t forget to use fake claws and pointed teeth for that sinister spin to your hands and smile. Top up your look with a devil’s tail and you’ll be ready to walk on the streets of this living world.

Old Lady

One of the scariest characters of the film was this bride clad in a black dress and veil. In reality, it wasn’t a female, as later it was revealed that he was a serial killer who used to dress up like a woman and complete his deed. Though the background of this spooky entity is sick, however, it would be fun to dress-up like her and scare everyone around you. For starters, get a black lace top with full-length sleeves and pair it up with the same colour satin long skirt. Use white paint to cover your exposed skin and give it an embalmed look as the Black Bride’s skin was depicted as dead white. You can also mix some glitter to the paint for a sparkling look. For the make-up, get dark eyes, and also put some lines on your face to make it look aged, put on a deep red shade of lipstick, and full eye black contacts to match those petrifying eyes. Define your appearance with a white curly hair wig and put on a black veil, make sure that is see-through. Last but not least don’t forget to carry a scarlet candle or get a LED light candle as a safer option. 

The Long-haired Fiend

Though this character appears twice in the films; Insidious chapters one and two, but has made his mark on-screen. He is a malicious unnamed ghost of a man who is thought to be a criminal or a psychopath in his former life. He is an example of a typical portrayal of men as to what society thinks. If you have long hair and want to flex it on the Hallows-Eve, then this is the perfect look you must consider. Moreover, it is very easy to transform yourself into this nasty ghoul. For starters, you’ll need a formal black suit. Cover your hands and your face with a white base to make your skin look gaunt and deadly. Use a fair amount of paint or powder, whichever you feel comfortable with to create small cracks on your skin. For the make-up, use black eyeshadow and get contact lenses Halloween to enhance your eye area. Take a long leather trench coat over in the same black colour and pair it up with fashionable Chelsea. If you want you can also put a red edible colour under your lips. 

The Key Face Demon

Key face demon is the main antagonist in the recent insidious film “The last key”. His main power was to first lock the sound of its victim and then locking them into “the further”. If you wish to disguise this white demon then you’ll need some VFX make-up hacks for beginner level. It is not that difficult as you’ll find many easy tutorials online. To get started, first make DIY keys from cardboard that you will later on stick on the tips of your finger. Use any key for the reference. For that white body use a liquid pearl colour and sponge it on your exposed skin. You won’t have to be very neat because after all, it’s a demon. And for the make-up, you can use online references. 

Whatever look you try, it is definitely going to be really spooky and scary which is just perfect for Halloween.
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