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Importance of Sclera Contact Lenses During Halloween

Importance of Sclera Contact Lenses During Halloween

Have you ever been told by your eye doctor that you cannot wear contact lenses due to an irregular shaped cornea, dry eyes, or any other eye related disorder? Well, gone are the days when the world only depended on regular contact lenses. With the invention of different types of lenses like sclera lenses, modern optics has entered a whole new era of innovation, and aesthetic sense. Now, we have a wide variety of lenses to choose from according to our need and comfort. People with any kind of eye disorders or diseases can opt for sclera lenses without worrying about any kind of side effects or hazards. They are entirely safe to use and of great comfort to your eye. Thanks to modern technology in the field of optics, anyone and everyone can opt for the lenses they want, with whatever characteristics they desire.

Sclera lenses are lenses that are generally bigger in size to cover a person's entire cornea and solve a number of medical issues related to the eye and also any injuries or surgical complications that have affected the cornea over time. Sclera lenses are usually designed according to a person's medical condition or need. They are oxygen permeable and the space between the lens and cornea is filled with artificial tears because of which they provide a great comfort and an excellent vision. All in all, sclera lenses are all in one and a great purchase in the lens world.

Insertion and Removal Tips:

There are a few rules and regulations that if you follow while using sclera lenses they will last longer and serve your eyes better.

  • Before inserting the lens, make sure to wash your hands thoroughly with a soap. Your hands need to be entirely clean and germ-free before you touch your lenses so that no residue or bacteria sticks to your lenses.
  • Make sure your lens is wet with lens solution because that will serve as a lubricant and the lens sticks better.
  • Hold your upper eyelid with the fingers of your other hand and gently place the lens inside your eye.
  • Pull your hand away slowly and blink a few times. This will help the lens stick to your eye and adjust its position.
  • For removing the lens, pinch the lens slightly and take them out one by one. Place them in the lens solution and tighten the container.

The critical thing to remember when using Halloween contact lenses is to disinfect and clean them every time you use them. Wet them with saline solution and then rinse them. Repeat this routine often. Also, fill your container with fresh prescribed solution for the lens to stay clean and fresh.

Most patients wear sclera lenses for up to 8 hours daily without feeling any discomfort. They come in smaller 17mm Sclera sizes as well depending on the need of the patient. The use of sclera lenses might be a little different to that of normal contact lenses due to their large size.

Celebrities who use sclera contact lenses

Stephen Curry, a renowned basketball player, knows what it’s like to have eye disorders not being able to live life to the fullest because you are constantly being held back by your disability. He uses sclera contact lenses and overcomes his disorder in the best way possible. Other than that, famous actor Mandy Patinkin, recognized footballer Brandon Williams, baseball player Tommy Pham etc all have eye disorders. Other than that, Stephanie Slater, Gramatik, Michaela Strachan, August Alsina and Ashton Irwin are also some of the most renowned people who use sclera lenses to cope with eye disorders.

Sclera Lenses and Halloween

Sclera lenses are mostly in demand when Halloween's around the corner because of the spooky effect they give to your eye by covering the whole of your eye. Changing a person's eye color and design can have a huge difference to their personality. It may create a scarier effect when combined with a Halloween costume and makeup. The Halloween looks that you can create are of blood-sucking zombies, witches, vampires, werewolves, skeletons, crazy doctors, and nurses, basically anything and everything! At Halloween, everyone tries their best to look as spine-chilling and ghostly as possible and sclera lenses help achieve the goal. They come in various colors which gives a person a vast variety to choose from. Furthermore, they can accentuate your makeup looks as well by giving them a more realistic touch. For example, for a vampire you may opt for an all-black sclera lens which will give an empty, soul-less look to your eyes. For werewolf related costumes or looks, you may go for an orange and black sclera lens that covers your entire eye and gives a gleeming look, just like that of a wolf. The most demanded lens are usually the all-white ones which are popular with sugar skeleton. For monsters and witches, all red sclera lenses might do the trick!

Sclera Lenses and Horror Movies

Spooky contact lenses have always been a great part of Hollywood horror movies since the beginning of time. They are always a great help in scaring the crap out of somebody or creating amazing jump scares in a horror movie. For this reason, they have always been used in horror movies. The biggest and earliest example of which is The Exorcist (1973) where with the help of makeup and lenses, they were able to transform a little girl into one of the scariest horror movie characters to ever exist. The other horror films that used them in the 1980s is Demons, Cat People, An American Werewolf in London, The Lost Boys, The Evil Dead and many more. Many TV shows like The Walking Dead and Haunting of the Hill House also feature characters that wear sclera contact lenses to appear more eerie and supernatural. Thus, sclera contact lenses along with having multiple benefits in the daily lives of people, also play huge roles in the film and media industry.
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