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How to Create A Realistic Vampire Look for Halloween Using Makeup & Accessories

How to Create A Realistic Vampire Look for Halloween Using Makeup & Accessories

Trick or treat, candies, house décor, spooky food, and, of course, the costumes make Halloween popular for everyone. However, you don’t need to splurge on costumes every year. All you need is your makeup kit, some old clothes or costumes from previous years, toilet paper, fake blood and fangs, a few items from your medicine cabinet, and Halloween contact lenses

The easiest look to create that also invokes fright and is perfect for Halloween is the classic Vampire look. Every year, you can spot a good number of vampires in all age groups, from kids & teens to adults. All you need is some black or red clothing (t-shirts, pants, gowns, coats, dress – everything works). 

Given below are some easy ideas to create a realistic vampire look for Halloween using makeup & accessories.

Sink in Your Teeth

For this look, you will need fake fangs. And a black costume. For the makeup, you need to apply some liquid latex on your neck, let it dry up, and fix some toilet paper on it with more latex. Slash it and fill it with fake blood to give a realistic look. Blood red lipstick, Gothic eye-makeup using grey and black eye shadow, and Halloween bloody red contact lenses will seal your look for the scariest night of the year.

The Vamp Look

What do we get when we combine a vamp and a vampire? The creepiest look in the easiest possible way. Use dark shades and black liner. Create a bloody halo underneath your eyes using purple, pink, and red shades. To complete this look, wear faux fangs, apply black lip color, and apply fake blood flowing from the corner of your lips to chin and neck. Ladies can even rock this look with a black mini dress. 

Go Glamorous 

Who said vampires couldn’t be glamorous? A black mini or a long black flowing gown with straight hair and some glamorous, smokey eye makeup with some glittery eye shades works best. For the dramatic effect, add black liner and fake eyelashes. Long nails with red nail color and crimson red lipstick with just a drop of blood dabbed on one corner of the lips turn you into a glamorous vampire. To add more flair, experiment with unique colored Halloween contact lenses. Add heels to the costume to complement it.


Spine-chilling Creepy Eyes 

This is one of the easiest vampire looks to create. Even those without any expertise in makeup can pull it off. All that is needed is a pair of black contact lenses. If you are familiar with the looks created by Blind White Halloween Whiteout contact lenses, you know how they cover your original pupils with a milky film. Similarly, black ones give your eyes the creepy crawly vampire look too. Wrap up the look with bloodshot lipstick and dab on some fake blood around the eyes and mouth.

Bring on Count Dracula

Count Dracula is the most famous vampire. To create the looks of this classic character, cover your whole face with white makeup - you can go for ivory shade foundation and powder. Next, draw some dramatic lines around your eyes, forehead, and cheekbones (take inspiration from a Dracula image) with black eyeshades and eyeliner. Pop up this look with a red eye shade underneath the eye. Soften up and slightly blend in the harsh lines to bring more sophistication to it.

Go Modern

Twilight has all the modern looks for any vampire look that you want to go for. Use lots of ivory foundation and add loads of shimmer to create this modern vampire look. Play with different hairstyles for wigs, and add in the faux fangs and gold contact lenses to dazzle your Halloween party this year. Finish off this whole look with black lips, dramatic, extended eyeliner, flashy eye-shadow, and fake lashes.

Bring Back the Past

Take a trip down the memory lane and recreate the vampire look from the Victorian era. Dirty blonde hair with loose curls, flattened, thick black eyebrows, and any gown with lace added to the collar would do the trick. You can either wear the gold contacts or for more drama; you can add any other color that goes with this look. With the dark eyes, curled lashes with a heavy layer of mascara, and subtle veins drawn under the eyes, apply purplish pink shade on your lips with dark black lip color on inner lips. To complete this period-style look, add a little fake blood on the corner of the mouth. 

The vampire looks never go out of style, and there are endless ways to experiment with it using makeup and accessories. You can always try something new or take inspiration from your favorite vampires who have given you nightmares.
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