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Halloween Night Celebration as A Nocturnal Animal

Halloween Night Celebration as A Nocturnal Animal

If you are unaware of the term nocturnal, it means animals that are awake during the dark hours. As Halloween eve is all about disguising yourself into a fantasy character, why not transform yourself into one of these nocturnal animals. If you have a love for animals, then you will surely love this easy to do ideas that are affordable and quick. 

Fly Around the Town as An Owl

One of the easiest make-up looks that you can do with-in minutes is of an owl. You won’t even have to resort to fancy costumes. Instead, get a brown leather jacket; pair it with brown boots and dark colour chinos or jeans. For the inner shirt, take a basic white T and draw fur from fabric paint. As for the face makeover, create heavy brown eyebrows and give it the wide-eyed appearance of an owl’s eyes. Put on a pair of coloured contact lenses that are easily available in the market to complement the look. If you want to be fancy, you can make a DIY beak and put it on or use dark-coloured lipstick to create a beak. If you are not sure how to get a beak through cosmetics, then watch one of the hundreds of tutorials available online. Finish up your look with an owl pendant and some feathery accessories. 

Let Margay Out of The Forest on The Night Of Halloween

If you are listening to this name for the first time, then know that Margay is from the family of cats. However, it is closer to leopards. If you are tired of transforming yourself into normal cats, then this specie is a perfect one for this year’s Halloween get-up. Its skin is similar to leopards. The base colour is brown and there are spots of darker brown and black all over. Choose a similar print robe or you can also make one if you can’t find. All you have to do is, with the help of concealer and foundation; make your face look smaller, as this is one of the main features that separates a Margay from a leopard. Use cat eye contacts and draw black and dark brown spots on your face. Complete your look with cat ears available in the market. But make sure that those ears match your make-up. If you can’t find one in the market then get any cat ear headband available and customize it with fabric colours. If you want to go into more detail, then use fake canine teeth and a long tail as well.

Scary Halloween with a Spectacled Bear Look

The spectacled bear is perfect for those who want to look cute yet keep the horrifying feel of the night. You can do two things; either, get a ready-t-use bear face mask and you can do it at the comfort of your home. Or you can transform your face into a one with just black cosmetics. If you are choosing to do make-up, then give it a little real feel. You can draw fur on your face once after you put the black base or you can use real fur to stick it on your face. Make bear ears from your hair. For a full spectacled bear look, get a basic black tee and black pants. Stick black fur all over or if you are too lazy to do that then buy it from any nearby costume store. If you are looking for an out of the box idea, then keep the same make-up but do human dressing, for example, a suit or casuals of neutral colour would go best. To bring a funny look, wear a pair of glasses (if you want). 

White-tailed Deer Roaming on The Streets This Halloween

Deer make-up is one of the easiest to do. Paint yourself orange and put some brown spots on both cheeks. If you are unaware, then know that a deer’s eyes glow in the night and appear to be white, so a pair of white eye contacts would suit for the night time and it would also give a haunted touch to the look. If you want horns on your head, then choose two similar branches and pin them up at the top of your head. For the costumes, choose any of your favorite outfits or get a deer’s costume. Finish up your look by creating deer ears from the clay and set them up. To learn how to DIY these ears, go to any online platform for a tutorial. 

These are the top 4 nocturnal animal get-ups recommended for Halloween this year. Not only, you can achieve them with the least hassle but you will also feel comfortable and ready to rock the night.
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