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By Aditya Chauhan


Great Tips to Avoid Looking Tacky in Coloured Eye Contacts

Great Tips to Avoid Looking Tacky in Coloured Eye Contacts

One of the most common reservations that people have regarding coloured contact lenses is that wouldn’t they look tacky? Or worry that the coloured lenses would look fake. Well, there is simply no need to worry about it. As we step into 2021, we are surrounded by the latest technology and developments and it includes some great solutions for coloured contact lenses. You can now appear quite natural while wearing a pair of coloured and not appear artificial at all. 

There are extremely realistic and subtle contact lenses available in colours that can help you roll off the Halloween disguise, a sexy and seductive look, or make a more undertone statement.

Avoid Circle Contact Lenses

To get the natural look, it is recommended that it is better to avoid limbal rings or circle lenses as they tend to create a larger-than-life appearance. It is more oriented towards a wide-eyed, doll-like look that is associated with anime. If you are an anime fan, these are perfect for you but if you want natural, subtle transformation, circle-coloured lenses may not be for you. 

In fact, it best if you stick to lenses with a smaller printed diameter that is close to the natural human eye shape. The larger limbal contacts are more suitable and preferred by people of the Asian ethnicity as it gives their naturally small eyes a wider and bigger look. However, even if you belong to the Asian ethnicity solid limbal or circle-coloured lenses can appear to be fake and tacky as they look like stickers and overshadow the natural beauty of your eyes. 

Wear A Shade Closer to Natural Eye Colour

Thanks to modern technology, it is possible for contact lens users to change their eye colour in the blink of an eye. Although it is quite tempting to go for totally unusual colours, especially those that are quite opposite of your natural eye colour, you should avoid it. Unless you are dressing up for a fancy dress party, these do not work really well in the more natural scenario. It is best if you choose a shade that is similar or closer to your natural colour if you want a subtle and sophisticated look. Going for this option will help you achieve a balanced, blended, and beautiful loo that can enhance your eyes instead of making them look artificial. 

Keep Personal Ethnicity in Mind

When you are choosing coloured contacts, another thing that you should keep in mind is your personal ethnicity. You can consider colours that are common to your ethnicity as it will create a balance with the skin tone and hair colour common to any particular ethnicity. For instance, very few Asians have blue eyes and it may appear too bright with their overall looks, therefore a better option would be to go for green or hazel to match their features if they want to lighten their natural shade. 

Especially the Asians with darker skin tones should avoid it as it may give them a very artificial look. In fact, you can even consider going for light brown lenses if you have deep dark eyes. This will help you maintain a chic and elegant appearance naturally.  

Choose the Printed Design Carefully

Printed designs can look very unique when worn by some characters in the movies, models, MUAs, and cosplay actors. The wide variety of printed lenses also offer a bold and dramatic look for a funky party. However, they can spell disaster if you are looking to create a natural look. 

However, some printed lenses blend in well with the natural eye colour and enhance your eyes while giving you a more realistic appearance. For instance, you can choose a pair featuring a radial or sunburst pattern that tends to blend in beautifully and naturally with your eyes and overall appearance.  

Pay Attention to Your Makeup

If you want to avoid looking fake and tacky, then you also need to pay attention to the makeup you are wearing. Many times, it is not due to the coloured contacts, but the makeup surrounding it that gives your appearance a fake look. Don’t make the mistake of wearing extra-long lashes, thick dark liners, and heavy and contrasting eyeshadows. 

For a natural, subtle and sophisticated look, go for the neutral shades and well-blended makeup that will accentuate the natural beauty of your eyes. Instead of artificial lashes, natural ones, curled with mascara can give you a more refined and understated look than fake lashes. 

Look Graceful & Sophisticated in Coloured Contacts

With the tips given above, you can upgrade your looks and makeup gracefully without any dramatic statements. So, wait no longer and get your favourite pair of contacts for your beautiful eyes that can also boost your confidence.
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