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By Aditya Chauhan




Do you always dream of being a rock star, a gothic rock star, or the master of the underworld? All you need are the evil eyes to complete the look. Goth culture is a favourite among metal and rock fans. Goth culture, or gothic rock originated in England in the era of 70s, its influence has spread all around the world among different eras, regions and genres of music. For some musicians/bands, the music itself isn't complete and they need to provide the full visual elements for their shows like Papa Emeritus of the band Ghost or Marilyn Mason. Some of the other top bands or Goth rockers are The Cure, Evanescence, Bauhas, HIM, KISS and many more.
Zombie contact lenses can be creepy, but no doubt are sexy too. Popular for all year round,  great for Halloween, fancy dress competition, theatres, Cosplay conventions, the Gothic look, or for New year’s party. The zombies; they are usually not welcome as dinner party guests but still zombies have become the pop culture trend that just would not die. From Michael Jackson’s Thriller video song to Taylor Swift’s zombie look, zombies have been our continuous, scruffy companions for as long as we can remember. So it's no surprise that musicians and bands have regularly tried to steal the show through undead appearances.


Zombie contact lenses are extremely popular especially among fans of the gothic theme. Not only in movie characters or Halloween parties but also as a part of the stage character, such as Brian Hugh Warner or Marilyn Manson. Whether you’re an eccentric rock lover, inspired with gothic fashion, you’ll love the iconic look of Marilyn Manson who wears white contact lens as a fashion statement. Manson appears to wear zombie contact lens in one eye, as opposed to wearing a pair, which is what add to his eccentricity. Wonder how to get eyes like Marilyn Manson. Are you the person who takes the cover when it comes to Halloween outfits? It’s got to be Marilyn Manson. And lucky for you, his iconic appearance can be created in just a few steps.

You need to have a hand on a few things only. Combine that petrifying contraption with the rest of the visuals from his iconic video; you can create this signature look so easily. Get black or leather pants from your wardrobe and put it on and grab yourself a white shirt. Do some matching blue eye makeup and get black tie for a classy look of Manson. For his signature odd white contacts, use Glass White Halloween contacts from our range of Zombie contact lenses. This is designed as an exact imitation of the signature white coloured contacts worn by the American singer/musician Marilyn Manson. With a surrounding black rim, a milky white colour with a small pupil, the Glass white Halloween design gives your gaze a strong look that’ll shock the audience.

For the face makeup, apply white foundation or white face paint all over your face and then finish off with some black and red lipstick to bring a dark witchy glare to your look. If you want perfection, there are plenty of Instagram artists you can check to get that signature look of him. 


Go Goth with a dark and mysterious costume. The hit TV series aired through FX, The Strain has ruled many hearts. This horror genre depicting vampires has never been portrayed in such a horrendously and absolutely scary way. No more old dull fangs now think of giant slimy tentacle tongues, that sucks blood and with deadly eyes. The Strain is based on novel by Guillermo Del Toro and Chuck Hogan The Strain. Gabriel Bolivar is the main character, a human turned Strigoi. He was a musician, a rock star who had many female admirers. Gabriel, when human would wear makeup like the band members of, KISS. Gabriel appears to wear zombie contact lenses like Marilyn Manson in many of his scenes. You can create the look of Gabriel Bolivar as Strigoi by wearing White out Contact Lenses. Use face paint for a pasty gothic face of Gabriel. Gabriel has intensified eyes with an undead effect. For darker lips use black liner to outline lips and fill them with red shade and complete the look with long straight black hair wig and some rocker accessories.

Be a Goth rocker, by wearing Zombie contact lenses. These contacts are going to give you an absolutely creepy gothic appearance as proved by Marilyn Manson, and Gabriel. These lenses will stun your friends. You'll be rocking the party all night long!

Our zombie contact lenses are ideal for any kind of costume party or horror themed event. These are comfortable to wear; they feel great and can be worn for longer hours. Our range of zombie contact lenses is perfect for use by Cosplayers, convention goers, Goth lovers and Halloween fans. 

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