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Go Above and Beyond This Halloween with These Evergreen Cosplay Ideas

Go Above and Beyond This Halloween with These Evergreen Cosplay Ideas

Halloween is all about cosplaying and competing with your loved ones. You must have the same rage for this year and might be willing to adopt a character that can get you under the spotlight. The trend changes every year and the competition grows exponentially. That simply makes it essential to follow the latest advancements so that you can keep your statement distinguished and emerge as someone with sheer Halloween spirit.

Every year people take inspiration from the leading cosplayers, fashionistas, and the latest movies for their inspirations. With Halloween just a few days away, most people have already decided on which character to cosplay and are already spending a considerable amount on capes, wigs, corsets, Halloween Contact Lenses, and other essentials that add up to an excellent cosplay. Considering the fast-paced progress of others, it’s a must for you to decide on the role and start making the necessary preparations to find a fabulous experience this Halloween.

There are a multitude of inspirations out there to choose from. The best option for you is to go with the media. There are a lot of TV series, movies, anime, games, comics, and much more. With an endless range of characters, one can easily find something that seems interesting on a personal level and cosplay it. Another way is to look out to the renowned content creator. There are tons of cosplayers available on almost every social media platform flaunting their creativity and making how-to videos. You can learn a lot from them and get to portray your preferred character with accuracy.

If you are still confused about choosing a perfect character for yourself, then let us help you out. There are some characters that are making the rounds this year and gained quite a popularity. Leveraging the latest phenomenon will show everyone around you that you take this event seriously and will go above and beyond to set a phenomenal statement. Here are some of the characters and lenses through which you can make this Halloween completely yours:

Black Widow

Speaking of the most-loved female superhero of this decade, Black Widow makes it to the top of the list. Her courageous and stereotype-breaking personality is acclaimed by millions which makes her the foremost choice for women to cosplay on Halloween or any event. It’s a piece of cake to adopt the similar look as her and the entire costume can be prepared in just a single day. You just need to order a black leather jumpsuit coupled with wrist blasters and a belt to complete your attire. Don’t forget to colour your hair red and wear green contacts to make your rendition unforgettable.


The 2019 sequel of Maleficent introduced the character in a whole new look and that can be quite tricky to adapt. No worries if you still want to play someone evil from Disney as you can adopt the classic look of this infamous character. When it’s about the main outfit, you can find plenty of options in online stores and rock your love for the darkness. Don’t forget to order the staff to complete your look as the majority of cosplayers forget to grab one that takes a toll on their overall efforts. As for the contacts, you can go with the basic green lenses and your cosplay will be ready to flaunt.

Marilyn Monroe

If you’re thinking of dressing as everyone’s favourite Hollywood star this Halloween, then you have the perfect opportunity to honour Marilyn Monroe and get to recreate classic moments as well. Not to forget that a biopic on her legacy is already released by Netflix making her the latest phenomenon. Being one of the most recognized stars in the industry, it’s super easy to adopt the precise look and experience the timeless glamor of Hollywood. There are several dresses that she rocked and created iconic memories. It means that you have complete freedom to choose the preferred outfit and additional beauty products that you are going to need are oversized lashes, a blonde wig, and hazel-coloured contacts to precisely recreate the chic look.

Harley Quinn

The most prominent anti-hero of the DC universe, Harley Quinn makes an evergreen cosplay for Halloween. Since Margot Robbie has reprised her role in the Suicide Squad, the character has gained extraordinary fame and become the top choice for several renowned cosplayers. Being such a popular character, you can find ready-made outfits quite easily and the rest can be done with makeup. Put on blue contacts and whiten your skin, that’s how you can do justice to your cosplay.

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