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Get Your New Looks Ready For Spring!!!

Get Your New Looks Ready For Spring!!!

The trends of pouty lips, bold shades, glosses and liners are long gone. Today the makeup is all about the eyes. In the era of pandemic where masks have become a new normal the trends in the fashion have also changed. A fashion statement eye makeup is now a key to have a trendy look, leading to more creativity in eye makeup in coming years.

The Covid pandemic has really wiped out any desire to work with blush brushes and lipsticks. Under the current circumstances, makeup is about less-is-more. Now, after getting your hands on daily foundation, we are here to help you out to have some real fun with eye makeup paired with coloured contact lenses this year.

Get ready to play with some amazing makeup looks that you can pull off this Spring!!!

Let’s discover some magical eye makeup looks that you can create with a pair of coloured contact lenses that will surely change up your makeup game entirely.

  1.       No-Makeup Makeup

 If you have top tier skincare routines and a healthy diet, your natural skin will surely do the whole work. You and the others definitely love your skin. Healthy skin means less need for makeup, no foundation to be swapped for a tinted moisturiser, no more volumising mascara. Go for at-home lash lift with a layer of clear mascara, brow gel and we recommend pairing this natural look with some natural coloured contact lenses like honey, brown, hazel or grey.

Simple yet highly effective work inspired by natural eye colours giving you the ability to alter your makeup game with just your eye colour.

  1.   The Cat Eyes

The kohl liner is trending better than ever. Get your hands on a graphic liner for your next look so you don’t get confused between midnight black and deep black. Spread out your liner game and get creative, go for long wear waterproof eyeliner with a smudger for ultimate precision and soft look. Expand your horizons with an electric or deep blue wing or a liner cut crease.

Be bold, be bright and be beautiful. Complement this liner look with a pair of coloured contact lenses. The range offers stunning natural colours that will give more power to the look and enhance the aesthetics of the eyes, flattering the liner and brightening the face.

  1.   Smokey Eyes

Are you planning to wear a LBD or a black gown in the coming event? Pair your dress with a classic smokey eye, breathtaking and dramatic look. It will turn your eyes into real highlights and give you a classy look. Some shimmer shadows on the lid and coloured lenses will keep things feeling modern with minimal makeup elsewhere. 

  1.   Play with Bronzers

Despite the fact that everything is normalising again, the virtual meetups are still very much prominent. Old is gold, using a bronzer and warm tone shadows for both your face and eye makeup is back. This not only combines harmoniously the look together but brings back the radiance during your virtual catchups. Pick up your bronzer brush and apply to the cheeks to sculpt your face, the nose, the jawlines and the outer corners of the eyes for a radiance appearance on screen. Complete the look with varying shades of blue and green lenses, as these are the most complimentary when opting for a bronzed look.

  1.       Shimmery Look

A touch of golden shadow is a pretty reminder of sunny days are about to come. Compliment this look with a wash of peachy blush, moonlight highlighter, nude lips, and coloured contacts.

  1.       Festive Eye Look

Say goodbye to the old eye makeup look, say hello to the new normal, the new festive eye looks. Get ready for the upcoming festivals and carnivals with the funky, the crazy and the daring makeup looks that are now welcome in all seasons. Go vibrant and nostalgic with makeup. The green eye shadows game is strong this year. There is no such thing to overpower the entire look, the brighter the better making coloured lenses the perfect accessory for the festival look. Inspired by the vibrancy and playfulness of Brazil spring festival this makeup look will bring your appearance to the next level.

  1.   Vibrant Inner Corners

Spice up your go to makeup with a pop of baby blue (or any other pastel shade like pink, mint, lavender) in the inner corners. Give more dimensions with a deeper version of the shade of your eye liner. The vibrant inner corners will not only brighten up your eyes, but it’s a super-easy way to wear colour that doesn’t feel intimidating. Many brands have launched vibrant and deep colours in the eye liner shades; try out NYX Vivid Brights Crème Color in Endless Skys, Makeup Forever Artist Color Pencil, L.A. Girl Pastel Dream Auto Eyeliner in sunshine yellow and Acid Trip (UV) hydra FX Liner on the inner corners.

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