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Gear Up Your Eye Game Instantly with Coloured Contact Lenses

Gear Up Your Eye Game Instantly with Coloured Contact Lenses

What comes to your mind when you are considering a makeover? A change of hairstyle or hair colour most probably. Unfortunately, this kind of transformation is permanent for a considerable time till your hair grows back or your colour wears off completely. So, is there a way for an instant change that elevates your style but zero commitment? You have got your prayers answered in the form of coloured contact lenses that can give you a tangible makeover instantly. Push your style a notch above and get a pair of contact lenses that can accentuate the beauty of your eyes and give you a new look.

How Do Contact Lenses Work?

If you simply want to augment your natural eye colour, a translucent pair of contacts can work well. On the flip side, you can go for the opaque lenses that bring out a dramatic change in your eye colour.

If you are bold and crazy enough to try them, patterned contacts can be worn while cosplaying, attending a fancy dress party, or dressing up for events like Halloween.

Best Colours for Contact Lenses

Whether you make a bold choice or a subtle one when embracing the use of contacts to enhance your looks, it all spirals down to your choice. Especially when choosing the colours, it is pretty much you’re your choice of hair colour. You can either baffle the people with your dramatic and bold change or leave everything understated with some elusive adjustments. You can purchase coloured contacts in any colour and design that you can imagine, thanks to modern technology.

Let’s take a sneak peek into the best coloured lenses to help you make the big move.

  1. Contact Lenses in Hazel Colour

Hazel is such a beautiful and subtle colour but you will be surprised to know that only 5% of the population are lucky enough to have this eye colour naturally. That’s why the hazel-coloured contact lenses are such a blessing for those who love this colour but don’t have it naturally. This warm-toned colour brings out the hint of mystery in the eyes of the wearer depending on the lighting. Hazel colour is an amazing but balanced combination of royal and chic as it charmingly blends in the rich gold tints with hues of green, earthy brown, and blue.

  1. Contact Lenses in Blue Colour

Which colour comes to your mind when you think of coolness and freshness together? You are right. It is the blue colour inspired by the sky and oceans alike that brings a refreshing and energetic feeling when you look at it. If you want to break away from the monotony of your life and looks, blue is the colour for you. You can experiment with different shades of this cool colour to find one that suits your looks and mood. It’s the best colour for those with cooler skin tones as it will not only bring focus to your eyes but also boost your skin tone.

  1. Contact Lenses in Shades of Brown Colour

If you are all in for natural looks, then brown is the colour for you. You can never go wrong with the warm and cosy shades of brown. Though more complicated colour choice than the rest, if you have a darker skin tone or hair colour, then this classic colour can work wonders for you. From lighter hues to deeper and darker shades on the brink of black, you can experiment with these coloured contacts for an au-natural appearance.

  1. Contact Lenses in Green Colour

Looking for a show-stopper? Well, you’ve found one. Green is a unique, mysterious colour that makes your eyes appear mystical and mysterious at the same time. This alluring colour is an absolute favourite when it comes to warmer skin tones adding a brightness to the eyes that can make green with envy (pun intended). This mesmerizing colour with a hint of gold is perfect and blends perfectly with your natural eye colour.

  1. Contact Lenses in Grey Colour

Indulge yourself in 50 shades of grey without any hesitation when it comes to contact lenses. Want to add natural vibes to your style statement? Then, the grey colour is the best bet for you in the contact lenses games. A totally versatile colour hinting at strength and calm, the grey contacts give you an instant transformation that is attractive and alluring. To add to all this seduction of the grey contacts is the fact that only 1% of the people around the world are gifted naturally with grey eyes.

Up Your Game Instantly

So, don’t wait any longer. Invest in a pair of contact lenses that can uplift your features and give you an instant transformation by gearing up your eye game.
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