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Fascinating Contact Lenses in Movies

Fascinating Contact Lenses in Movies

The trend of wearing coloured contacts has been skyrocketing since their inception. People wear them while they cosplay for Halloween parties or to elevate their fashion statement as well. Thus, lenses have emerged as one of the top-notch beauty products for fashionistas. Be it Instagram influencers, digital content creators, or Hollywood celebrities, a lot of people have joined this trend and stunned the world with the enchanting looks that used to sound impossible to achieve at some point.

You may have noticed your favourite fashion influencers wearing lenses like Sclera Contact Lenses and that would have truly sparked your interest to try them. The majority of fashion enthusiasts prefer wearing them so that they can keep bringing unique changes to their statements. This is the very reason people tend to wear them on a daily basis and the vast range of options makes it more exciting.

Whether it's basic lenses or the sclera ones, you will find hundreds of shades that make it convenient for everyone to wear those that match their unique preferences. The textured one based on movies and series makes this trend much more fun as people can cosplay their favourite character while maintaining an unmatched resemblance.

There’s a wide variety of lenses like Sclera Contact Lenses, mini sclera, and basic contacts that are of great use for cosplay and various occasions wear. People take inspiration from their favourite movies and aim to achieve a similar look. One can spend a great number of bucks on outfits and makeup but eyes are said to be the mirror to the soul and that’s what truly makes the cosplay stand out from others. Thankfully, there are similar and high-quality options easily available.

There are a few movies that got everyone’s attention for the unique appearance of the lead characters. The same has been adopted by the masses when it is about cosplaying for the Halloween party or Comic-Con.

In this blog, we will take a look at some of the renowned coloured contacts that were used in the movies and got everyone’s attention for their aesthetic and distinguished look. It will give you some inspiration for your next cosplay so that you can maintain an eye-catching look that you have been longing for.

So, without any further ado, let’s take a look at those fascinating lenses in movies that rocked everyone:


The critically acclaimed adoption of the Twilight Saga series was a buzz back in the 20s. Apart from its controversial plot, it was widely acclaimed by the fashion freaks for the use of magnificent coloured contacts. The characters throughout the series rocked their look with mesmerising amber and red lenses adding soul to the character’s life. With time, it became a trend among the fan base to wear the same lenses and they are cool enough to wear daily. You can also opt for Sclera lenses of your favourite character to get the same enchanting look.


The Host is a flopped science fiction film adapted from the work of renowned author Stephenie Meyer. It’s a fact that the majority of people who loves cosplays are fascinated by the alien or vampire sort of characters and that’s what they got from the character of Melanie portrayed by Saoirse Ronan. The bright white centre with a ring of black gives a thought-provoking look. So, the movie was not that popular but the lens sure did storm the fashion industry back in 2013.


Now don’t mistake this one for HBO’s blockbuster series as we are talking about the gunslinger from the esteemed 1973 movie. The antagonist played by Yul Brynner not only gained recognition for his amazing acting skills but for his silver shining eyes as well. The lenses gave him the terrifying and tough look that a dominant villain should have. Thus, it gained quite a popularity and skyrocketed the trend of wearing coloured lenses. 


This fictional movie from the 90s didn’t do good at the box office regardless of the exceptional cast which includes Michelle Pfeiffer, James Spader, and the Oscar winner Jack Nicholson. However, the characters wore Sclera Contact Lenses of various colours which was quite a deal at that time. That’s how the trend of wearing sclera lenses boomed among the fashionistas. 


A lot of people take inspiration from the characters in Tim Burton’s movies and Alice in Wonderland is no exception. Johnny Depp as a Mad Hatter was the limelight of the entire movie for bringing the character to life through the aesthetic makeup and use of fluorescent green contact lenses.

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