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Famous Paintings Will Come to Life on Halloween Night 2020

Famous Paintings Will Come to Life on Halloween Night 2020

Dive into a world where painting that has hung on the walls of museums for years, comes to life on the night of Halloween 2020. If you’ve got no idea of what you are doing this year, then become the part of this ritual. Well, it is not something satanic but all you have to do is, become one of the famous paintings yourself and shock your friends and family. Here are a few ideas for you that are super-easy yet amazing.

Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci

What if Mona Lisa comes straight out of the painting? If you are getting excited about this idea, then give yourself a chance to disguise yourself as one of the most famous masterpieces of Leonardo Da Vinci on which he worked for over twenty years. All you’ll need is a black flowy dress for the costume. With that, you’ll need a no-makeup look and will have to keep your face very simple. However, you’ll need some concealer and base to get the skin tone similar to what is shown in the painting, and with the help of highlighter, you can highlight the areas of your face where the light is reflecting. For the hair, backcomb your hair at the back and part the front portion of your lock from the middle. With a curler bring that curly look to the hair on your sides. Moreover, if you want to transform the whole look into a scarier one, then you can also use black sclera contacts that are easily available online. Finesse your look with a DIY vintage frame and carry it with yourself. 

Girl with A Pearl Earring by Johannes Vermeer

This painting is one of the most realistic-looking pieces of art from 1665 by Vermeer. There have been debates on whether Johannes has used a pre-photographic device- Obscura camera to capture the image. However, the girl is unknown. Give life to this painting by impersonating this girl with a pearl earring. For starters, you’ll need a basic white blouse and brown long coat. For the head, get an oriental turban in sky blue and dust colour. Complete your look with light make-up and red blush on both cheeks and glossy red lipstick. Don’t forget those famous pearl earrings. If you don’t have one, then you can find it from any artificial jewelry shop. In the last but not the least use blind white contact lenses for all Halloween's Eve touch.

Arrangement in Grey and Black No.1 by James Abbott Mc Neil Whistler

This masterpiece has been applauded by everyone who has witnessed this amazing concept of motherhood. The painting has Abbott’s mother as the main subject. Undoubtedly, this painting is just the perfect idea for those who are of older ages yet they enjoy dressing up for Halloween to celebrate the night with their kids and family. For this, there won’t be any hassle. Just a black gown with a fitted bodice and free-flowing skirt would work fine combined with a white headscarf like Red Riding Hood’s grandma would click well. For the dress, you may have to sew ruffles at the end of both the sleeves and on the neck. Or to avoid all this hassle, you can just buy, or rent a similar gown from any costume or vintage shop. Young ladies will have to employ their make-up skills to get the older look. You can find many tutorials available for it. To bring a more realistic look, you can get Halloween contact lenses to portray distorted pupils that usually happens during old age. Get a grey wig or if you are bold enough, you can also dye your hair grey. 

The Arnolfini Portrait by Jan Van Eyck

It is known to be the first painting using oil paints and is a perfect description of elitism throughout history. It has two subjects; a lady and a man. If you are a couple, then you must choose this option without any doubts. For the male get-up, get a black hat, long black boots, and pair it up with a black shirt. Get a houppelande from any vintage clothing shop or you can also DIY it at home as well. For the ladies, you’ll need a blue sheath dress and a bright green ruffled houppelande for the costume and complete your look with a white square-shaped scarf. You can also get the reference from the original painting’s photograph available online. 

These simple painting replicas will surely bring a joy of art on Halloween eve into the muggle world. Moreover, these are perfect for vintage fashion fans.

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