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Famous Celebrity Appearances With Coloured Contact Lenses That Dazed The Audience

Famous Celebrity Appearances With Coloured Contact Lenses That Dazed The Audience

Are you starstruck by your favourite celebrities with their sparkling eyes that shine when they smile? Not everyone is born with those eyes that see inside your soul, fashion plays a strong parting in accentuating the beauty of these heartthrobs. Ever wondered which of your favourite celebrities bank on coloured contact lenses to make their eyes expressive! 

Coloured contact lenses have always been a go-to in redefining the characters of a particular film or TV show; some also play a strong parting in vision correctness along with cosmetic benefits. There is a spectrum of hues available in coloured contact lenses such as blue, brown, grey, green, amethyst, violet and hazel. These coloured contact lenses styled with colourful dots, shapes or lines cover the iris of the eye creating an impression of a natural look that makes the eye look bigger, bolder and beautiful. The pupil area is covered either by the visibility tint, opaque tint or enhancement tint perfect for both light coloured and dark coloured eyes. 

Drum roll for some trendsetting coloured eyewear appearances that helped steal the limelight! Let us explore the girls’ gang with a gorgeous gaze that kindles the heart.

Friends- Jennifer Aniston

Previously a specs wearer, this Rachel from friends steals the limelight through her deep electrifying blue-grey coloured contact lenses. She has bagged many Emmy, Golden Globe and Screen Actor Guild Awards for her mesmerising performances. It is rumoured that contact lenses have helped her climb the ladder to prominence. 

Keeping up with Kardashians- Kylie Jenner

Who knows more about stealing the limelight than the Kardashians Jenners? Kylie knows how to bat her eyes to win hearts with her natural light brown peepers but she opts to rule the social media with her blue contact lenses. The diva knows how to be happening with the perfect clicks that drive her Instagram followers mad. 

The Simple Life-Paris Hilton 

The heir to the Hiltons, this sultry brown-eyed beauty leads the contact club with her dramatic blue coloured contact lens. Famous for her custom made eyewear she rules the beauty world with her risqué scandalous controversies and the classic smile to derail you on your way. This elite Barbie Blondie flaunts away those baby blue eyes so hypnotically. 

Moment 4 Life- Nicki Minaj 

Famous for her eccentric style, incendiary lyrics and fast-flowing rap style, Nicki knows how to be the queen of the realm with baby blue contact lenses. She tin rocks bold statements with her eyes through her and when she says she got “All Eyes On You” dude she's a boss! 

Victoria Secret Fashion Show 2015 -Selena Gomez 

May it is Gianna from Barney & Friends or her experiments with different music genres; Gomez has ruled hearts since childhood. Naturally gifted with intense dark brown eye colour, this brunette has recently reined the contact groupie by hypnotising the crowd with her blue-grey coloured contact lenses at the Victoria Secret Fashion Show. 

Bad Romance- Lady Gaga 

Lady Gaga is a universe of fashion in her way; she has a spectrum that is too wild to be defined. A trendsetter sassy star, she uses coloured contact lenses to make eyes more relevant to her song themes and characters. Her fluorescent wigs, banging outfits, sheer lace stockings, and bizarre sunglasses were recently accompanied by the circle lenses of the Gaga explosion that gave her a childlike look. 

Men have jumped leaps and bounds to experiment with fashion; they do not fall back in creating the dramatic and expressive looks that enthrall the audience. Here’s the list: 

Lord Of The Rings/ Pirates Of The Caribbean- Orlando Bloom 

Arose to stardom as archer Elf Legolas in "Lord of the Rings”, Bloom has one of the most dramatic and deepest brown eyes in the industry but he uses coloured contact lenses to work up his vision and steal his audience. Too glad those beauties aren’t hidden behind some boring frames.

MET Gala Red Carpet 2016-Kayne West 

Who can forget Kayne's icy eyes and sparkly jacket at the MET Gala Red Carpet 2016? This rapper knows how to make a statement even with a tee and ripped jeans. He always gets the media talking about his fashion experiments and scandalous stunts. 

Twilight- Robert Pattinson

This twilight hero knows how to takeaway against the flow when he opted for light to dark trends for his contact lenses. He robbed the audience with those auburn brown eyes for an intense and deeper look rather than sticking to his natural blue colour. 

Next time when you see your favourite celebrity brightening up their gaze with something extra, do not consider it to be photo-shopped. Coloured contact lenses with their wide variety of styles and quality have enabled celebs to switch up their look with this chicest fitment which is highly versatile and easy to wear.

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