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Eye Makeup Trends 2021 Paired With Coloured Contact Lenses

Eye Makeup Trends 2021 Paired With Coloured Contact Lenses

Correctly said by Chanel Beauty that 2021 is the year which is all about the eyes. Gone are days where you put bold lipsticks, liners and glosses. With masks made mandatory due to the pandemic, eye makeup has become a fashion statement and has become important to do them creatively and beautifully this year.

When we talk about enhancing our eyes, we cannot afford to miss coloured contact lenses as they are now available in top quality brands which are easy and safe to wear. You must ensure that whenever you plan on purchasing the lenses get the Australian coloured contact lenses as they are produced using top quality material.

Let have a look at some of the anticipated eye makeup looks that had set the trend this year and how contact lenses Australia complemented the entire look of your eyes.

Natural Look

Being stuck at home the entire year, many skin routine top tiers believe that due to the work from home concept people have accepted to love the skin that they have and do not bother putting in too much effort now as reduced outdoor activities have made their skins better than before. Foundations are replaced by moisturizers, full-volume mascaras are switched with lash lifts with clear mascara and brow gel. This is a simple yet natural look which can be enhanced by using either brown or hazel coloured contact lenses that will glam you up and give a perfect natural look.

Liners- Comeback

Kohl eyeliners are however back! Yep, that’s correct and they are going to look better than ever. Graphic liners are the hottest makeup trend and they are here to stay! Get creative and draw away the perfect lines and going creative with those eyeliners. Do not hesitate to give your brows a look of electric blue wing or making your lashes look pumped up with pink cut crease. It is okay to be bold, beautiful and bright. You can pair your colourful eye makeup with either pure violet or icy blue coloured contact lenses and brighten up your face with the best Australian coloured contact lenses available in different colours to choose from.

Festive Eyes

Let’s relive the summers of 90s which were full of vibrant and funky coloured makeup. The shades of pink and green eye shadows were the talk of the town and thus this year too, we all have become nostalgic and followed the same pattern of the past. Topped up with contact lenses Australia such as green blends or topaz blue, these ultimate look is best for giving your eyes a festive look. You can either choose any bold or subtle coloured contact lenses which you think will suit you and complement your bold and vintage eye makeup. This look is completely inspired by playfulness and vibrancy of the 90’s that will surely take your eye makeup look to a whole new level of bold.

 Zoom Look

Zoom has gained popularity globally due to virtual meetings and catch ups and are still highly used in academic, professional and personal lives. To glam up your look for a zoom meeting, all you need to do is follow the old is gold look which means using a bronzer for eyes and face. This bronzed look during your Zoom meets will bring radiance to your face. Apply the bronzer on your temples, cheek hollows and outer area of the eyes for a healthier screen appearance. It is suggested that you match your bronzed makeup look with shades of blue or green coloured contact lenses Australia. These coloured contact lenses will enhance your simple yet radiant makeup look and make you look fresh and shiny all the time online.

Blushed Look

Blushes can be sometimes difficult to tackle because you don’t know when and how much to apply and where. Pink blushed look is always the simple, easy and natural look to put on at any time. Start off with the apples of the cheeks with fluffy blush brush and blend it in a circular motion. Make sure that you do not pt the blush too close to your nose. To have a nice and natural blushed look, you must start off with lesser product on face and then increasing the pigment as per your desired shade. This look can be achieved daily especially if you are heading out in haste. Make sure to complement your blushed look with light brown, blue or green coloured contact lenses to give yourself a totally fresh look.

Glossy Lids

Since we are talking about the eye makeup trends, let’s check out something creative with our eyelids. Grab your unscented lip gloss and dab some on your eyelids. Start off with a thin layer and let it set. Use more if you want to achieve a shinier and glossier look for your eyelids. Voila! You are good to go. This glossy look will look even better once paired up with caramel coloured contact lenses or ocean blue coloured contact lenses.

These top trends of eye makeup have been followed by many makeup addicts this year and some of the trends might even follow us next year too. The best part is that these eye makeup ideas look so much better when you pair them up with different Australian coloured contact lenses. So what if you are wearing a mask? You can still slay with your eyes only!

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