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Enter the Witcher Kingdom with Elf Contact Lenses

Enter the Witcher Kingdom with Elf Contact Lenses

Become the mystical and magical cute little creatures this holiday season and incarnate yourselves as Geralt, Yennefer or Ciri with elf contact lenses. Elf contact lenses come in many shades that can get along with any simple makeup. They can change the colour of eyes visibly, as elf contact lenses have the ability to give a piercing eye colour because of the block design and rimmed ring design. The elf contact lenses are usually perfect for cosplay, Halloween parties, costume parties or fantasy styles.

There are plenty of characters you could try out with these lenses, from Christmas elves to Harry Potter to the Lords of the Rings and other fantasy characters. Elf doesn’t mean you have to stick to only elf creatures; but there are unlimited options you can go for like the mesmerising characters from the most popular Netflix, The Witcher. We are here to give you more festive spirit to work with other cosplays and fantasy costumes through Elf contact lenses and create a unique new look that will be sure to add a bit of extra glamour to your holiday season.

Over the past two years, The Witcher series has gained vast popularity. The main reason behind it is the level of creativity and fascinating characters, thus making it a Franchise. Many famous makeup bloggers have brought the characters of the Witcher universe to life by paying homage like @alexwolf_cosplay, @milliganvick and many more. While suggesting elf contact lenses for the Witcher characters’ costume, there are a variety of different options to choose from. As the versions of characters in novels, video games and Netflix series can differ slightly especially the eyes. So, there are different options available if you’re looking to try a pair of contact lenses for the Witcher looks.

Glamour Yellow Contacts Witcher

Geralt of Rivia

Create an ethereal look for the party. Since the release of the Witcher’s series on Netflix, everyone has been losing it over the main characters, especially the Geralt of Rivia, a grumpy wanderer. To pull off the look of Geralt of Rivia this Christmas party you just need a pair of yellow or orange contact lenses such as glamor yellow halloween contacts to complete the Witcher’s cosplay look you will obviously need a nice white wig. It will be an easy job to style like Geralt’s white locks. The version of Geralt in the Witcher video games has cat eyes; in the Netflix adaptation Geralt of Rivia has yellow eyes with regular pupils. You can pull off the look of piercing tiger eyes with envy yellow elf contact lenses. Along with corresponding makeup you can grab some elf contact lenses to give a glistening fiery effect to eyes to match with Christmas festivities.

Yennefer of Vengerberg

The elf contact lenses will give you a unique look that's sure to turn heads at your next Christmas party. If you are looking to create a mage look with a pair of elf contact lenses, perhaps the most iconic character to choose is Geralt Yennefer of Vengerberg. She is a beautiful, powerful, elegant, dignified, charming and harmonious sorceress with a vibrant eye colour. The character of Yennefer is the easiest character to pull off due to her very simple and elegant dress she is known for wearing. Grab the attention by focusing on the exquisite details to the feathers, the Witcher wolf medallion necklace, the gloves. To complete the look of Yennefer go for a pair of purple elf contact lenses for their intense colour and natural style depicted in the series. Yennefer cosplay is not complete without dark or black hair. If you have them naturally it’s good to go, you can just style it like Yennefer does. If not, then grab a cosplay wig and style it accordingly.


Add some Christmas joy to your eyes through glamor blue or glamor green Halloween contacts. Within the Witcher franchise it is assumed that Ciri is the surrogate daughter of Geralt and has a vibrant blue or green eye colour. It is still a mystery that changing vibrant eye colour is due to her hidden magical power, she can be seen with either green or blue eyes. If you are looking for a version of Ciri from the Netflix series, get your hand on a pair of dolly eye green Halloween contacts or you can complete the Ciri’s outfit to match the Christmas theme with elf contact lenses. Blue elf contact lenses can also be paired with the frosted makeup look to become a cold-hearted Witcher. Complete the look of Ciri with plenty of white and glimmer blue hues to the makeup. For the game version of Ciri for your next party, be sure to try envy green Halloween contact lenses to get the Ciri’s iconic vibrant green eye colour. To bring a real-life version of the Ciri from the Witcher, get a white shirt and a pair of simple khaki pants. Add some details to the outfit with a corset, gloves and a silver belt.
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