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Enjoy green Halloween with Shrek

Enjoy green Halloween with Shrek

Shrek is one of the best-animated movies. It has made everyone laugh, from a little child to an old adult. Instead of creeping out everyone that the pandemic has already happened, let’s spread some joy and humor this year by taking an avatar inspired by Shrek. If this sounds amazing, then here are some pro tips for you to disguise as these green charismatic characters.


This huge green ogre is surely nowhere near to be as brutal and harmful as the actual mystical creatures from the same family. Instead, he is a brave and kind man who is a loving husband, an amazing father, and a sincere friend. To disguise in his character would be fun and amusing. If you have a lighthearted and funny personality, then this must be your option for this year’s Halloween night. 

To produce this look, get a heavy bodysuit, to make you look chubby if you’ve got a petite body. Get a worn out, oversized basic white t-shirt with long sleeves and a brown crop top jacket. Pair it up with pinstripe brown pants or chinos and ankle-length short boots of the same colour as your pants with a rip folded design. For accessories, wear a brown leather belt over your t-shirt. To get the Shrek look, cover your exposed skin areas and face in grass green paint. Use a bald wig or stick your hair and wear a shower cap. If you are using a shower cap then don’t forget to paint it the same colour. Create DIY ogre ears and stick them on your head and complete your look with brown Halloween contact lenses Australia to match his eye colour. Put a big smile on your face and become the heart of the party that you are attending. 

Fionna Shrek

Fionna is a princess of Far Far Away land and the only daughter of her parents. She is also a housewife and better half of the giant Shrek. A princess and a housewife, doesn’t it sound contradictory? But she is indeed a pure soul. Moreover, she is also one of the most relatable characters to many women around the globe. Though Fiona is a human child but was cursed by her fairy godmother that she will remain human from the sunrise to the sunset and would turn into an ogre once after day hours end. Being a woman or a girl, if this character inspires you or you relate with her, then recreate her look and show the world who the real princesses are. 

Her look is easy to get. Get an emerald green silk gown with a heavily embroidered top corset with gold thread and golden lace around the neck and waist. Make sure it has full-length sleeves. Once after doing that, cover yourself with green colour, and put a little glow to your face with a magenta lip colour. If you already have red hair then do it in a braid or get a braided wig. Don’t forget to put a little tiara on your head and those ogre's ears. With the whole dolled up look add some spookiness with blind white contact lenses.

Puss in Boots

Puss is a heroic orange cat who was a minor antagonist, but later became the best friend of Shrek. He was with him during his expedition and remained a loyal sidekick throughout. This character is also very lively and amazing. If you love cats and want to know how you’ll look if you were a cat, then there is no way better to dress-up as Puss in Boots for this year’s Hallow-eve. 

All you’ll need is an orange outfit, a black hat with a yellow feather attached, and black long boots. Use some of your make-up skills to transform your face into a cat. If you are confused, how to achieve that cat look, then watch out some tutorials online and you would be ready to go. Though Puss had green eyes but added a little Halloween touch with white out contacts for Halloween. Moreover, don’t forget to attach a long tail, tie a black belt around your waist, and that popular sword. Once you are done, go with sass and confidence and be ready to fight anyone who messes with you. 

These are some of the most popular characters who brought life to the story. But, if you are too lazy to do the costumes and make-up, then become Donkey, another best friend of Shrek. He was a playful and euphoric character as well. All you will have to do is to get a ready made costume and rock it into the party. All of us have gone through tough times during the past few months, so spreading some laughter and happiness with a hint of horror would be an incredible idea for Halloween 2020.
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