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Embrace Your Inner Barbie With The Top 5 Hottest Coloured Contact Lenses

Embrace Your Inner Barbie With The Top 5 Hottest Coloured Contact Lenses

Hot pink is known to be the trendiest colour of 2022, especially with the release of Ryan Gosling and Greta Gerwig’s live-action movie ‘Barbie’ in 2023. The bold and bright colour develops a dopamine-induced aesthetic that fans are going crazy to have some life in plastic!

Celebrities seem to have not gotten enough from the Barbie pink colour and as this trend takes to gain more momentum it is time that you try out this amazing aesthetic yourself too. If you are already following the hot pink trend in the fashion industry or just starting to dip your toes into the sparkling world, nothing more than coloured contact lenses are going to make your looks more iconic. From enchanting browns to captivating shades of blues, it is time to bring your inner doll outside and flaunt those looks in a different way!

Here are the top 5 coloured contact lenses that you need to have in your accessories before unveiling your true Barbie looks.

Blue Coloured Contacts

Whenever we think of Barbie, the instant image of a blonde pretty doll with blue eyes and pink ensembles hit our minds. In order to achieve that quintessential appearance, you must get yourself a pair of blue coloured contact lenses and give your face that pretty look. Get a hot pink wardrobe with bring pink lipstick for a complete transformation.

Gray Coloured Contacts

If you are not a girly sort of a girl and want to try out something different yet iconic like Barbie looks then nothing could go wrong here! Put on some smokey eye makeup with winged eyeliner and a distressed denim jacket, but most importantly don’t forget to pop in those smoky grey coloured contact lenses to rock on that aesthetic in a fierce way.

Green Coloured Contacts

Let’s step into the modern interpretation of Barbie from the 21st century. If you want to have a casual look or want to go classy with a glamourous look then a pair of vibrant green coloured contact lenses is all you need to make a flattering impact. There is no need to be intimated by the green-coloured contacts because they will certainly make you look stand out in the crowd. The earthy tones of these beautiful coloured contacts along with some brown eye shadow and the contrast of a pink outfit with berry shades on your lips are certainly going to bring out your inner Barbie and you must embrace it with full confidence.  

Brown & Hazel Coloured Contacts

If you already have a darker eye colour and you want to achieve a subtle enhancement in your eyes then a choice of brown or hazel coloured contact lenses can never go wrong. With an appealing aura and an approachable look- you can still slay that ultimate Barbie look because with that hot pink tank top, a pair of jeans and PVC heels you are definitely turning heads. If you are going out on a date night, even then these earthy-coloured contacts will give you plenty of options to dress up beautifully for the special night. Doll up in a mid-length black dress, smokey eye makeup with red lipstick and red heels and make your date night an absolute success with that creative and outstanding look!

Pink Coloured Contacts

Now, this must be the colour that all you Barbie girls were waiting for! What could be a better way than turning your eyes pink to recreate your favourite fashion icon look? Since there is never too much ‘pink’ in the Barbie books then feel free to pop in any shade of pink coloured contacts. It could either be light pink, hot pink or even a shade of purple would do the perfect trick. Put on some nude-coloured eye makeup and make yourself look stunning to get those Barbie vibes.

Aren’t these the classic Barbie doll eye colours to help you embrace your inner Barbie? Which eye colour would you prefer to be part of the hottest pink Barbie fashion trend?



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