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Dress Up as Your Favorite Characters from Film & TV’s Most Sinister but Fashionable Shows

Dress Up as Your Favorite Characters from Film & TV’s Most Sinister but Fashionable Shows

The prime tribute you can pay to your favorite dark characters is dressing up like them. So, whom do you want to dress up as at your next Halloween party or a carnival? Well, you don’t have to dress up in hellish costumes to transform into a demon, devil, or she-devil. You can rock a dark demonic look while maintaining your sensuality, sexiness, or masculinity.

From Twilight to Lucifer, and Sabrina; all these movies and TV shows have changed the perception of how the devils and demons look. So, this time, transform into a sinister, dark but fashionably dark character.

Twilight Characters

The most popular vampires who changed the whole outlook of vampire fiction were vampires from the Twilight series by Stephanie Meyers. Pale skin, shimmering bodies, colored eyes with the help of famously tinted vampire contact lenses, stunning looks with a great sense of fashion, and you can be easily mistaken for any member from the Cullen family from the Forks, Washington.

There are endless inspirations in this film series that you can choose from. However, some of the most popular looks that you can copy from the Twilight vamps are: 

  • Edward Cullen – For this look, you will need some amber-tinted lenses and a captivating smirk.
  • Amazon Coven – If you think less is more and want to torment the floor you walk on, then dress up as a coven member from the Amazon Coven. Faux leather, beads, some black face paint (ready to battle the Volturi), and you are ready.
  • Denali Sisters – Are you more into glam and shine with sparkling silver and gold? You can dress up for a wedding with the Denali Sisters. You can even don a couple of designer replicas (or even the original if you can) skinny jeans and jackets with faux fur. Go blonde with a platinum wig to complete this ensemble. Don’t forget the amber or gold contact lenses.

Lucifer Characters

One of the most famed shows on Netflix is Lucifer. Two people stand out the most in this TV show. One is the ever handsome and gorgeously dressed Devil, Lucifer Morningstar (played by Tom Ellis), and the other is his guardian Demon, Mazikeen AKA Maze. 

Here’s how you can emulate their looks.

  • Lucifer - Any fan would agree that when you think of Lucifer, the devil, all that comes to your mind are gorgeous designer suits, with all the right accessories and the deep-throated British accent. Men can recreate this seductive look with properly groomed hair, freshened up the skin, and trendy black suits and shoes. Wear some red-tinted devil contact lenses to flash at some unsuspecting party-goers the way Lucifer does to the wrong characters in the show.
  • Mazikeen (Maze) - Killer fashion sense and a sadistic view of life – someone who gets high with torture – that’s none other than Maze; one of the evilest characters from Lucifer. Mazikeen on earth loves to wear jaw-dropping attires that include leather and latex. To emulate her looks, you will need some very bold outfits. Yet one of the most noticeable features of her wardrobe is her studded jacket. Combine it with her winged knives in both hands with high-heeled boots, and you are ready to torture evil souls.

    Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

    If it’s some last-minute costume ideas that you are looking for, then refer to this show on Netflix. There are endless characters that you can copy. Sabrina Spellman, the show’s main character, has a variety of looks that you can recreate with a short blonde wig and changing eye colors. Wear the zombie contact lenses to recreate her possessed looks. There are the Spellman sisters, Mary Wardwell (Lilith herself), and the warlocks who are not only devilish but have quite a fashion sense as well. 

    Sabrina Spellman – To recreate the looks of Sabrina, a short blonde wig is quintessential with a wide velvet hair-band. Although her looks are diverse, the most popular is the one with her red trench-coat. Combine it with a short skirt, a high-neck jersey, and a long-strapped purse, and anyone can recognize you as Sabrina. Another look of Sabrina’s that can be copied is a short sleeve pullover sweater, paired with a short skirt and long boots. There are many other looks to try as well, but these are the quickest ones. 

    Weird Sisters - Prudence, Dorcas, and Agatha, not real sisters, are known for their long-sleeved fitted dresses with lace trimming with a peter-pan collar. Complement it with severe dark black eyeliner, gothic contact lenses, and black nail color. The sharper, the better.  

    So, best of luck for whichever fashionable and captivating look that you are going to try.

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