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Don One of The Three Popular Dark Goddesses' Costume this Halloween

Don One of The Three Popular Dark Goddesses' Costume this Halloween

Dramatic makeup, unique costumes, and one night to rock all of the ensembles together. Of course, it’s Halloween. Are you tired of dressing up as the usual mix of scary costumes? Want to come up with something totally unique that will boost your chances of winning the most coveted Halloween Contest in your town? Well, then you need to break away from the norms and go for something that not many people may think of doing. Don One of The Dark Goddesses' Costume this Halloween.

Put your Halloween Contact Lenses, your gowns, and some other tidbits at home to good use before you go and buy something new. For Halloween, the best costumes require you to dress up and apply makeup as the darkest, deadliest goddesses of all time. Given below is a list of the darkest goddesses you can find in mythological history. 


Medusa was a Goddess from Greek mythology, most famously known for her head full of slithering snakes. She was one of the most well-known Gorgons, mythical monstrous creatures. However, Medusa was considered very beautiful, unlike her counterparts. It is said that if anyone looked at Medusa’s eyes directly, they would turn to stone. 

To dress up as Medusa, you can come up with a beautiful glam look. Just because of her head full of snakes, the costume doesn’t actually have to be gross. You can be creepily beautiful with just the right makeup and a Grecian style gown. There are various looks and tutorials that you can choose from. One suggestion is to go for glow in the dark makeup and choose celadon green as your prime colour. Blend it with silver shade and create a cat-eye makeup spreading to your temples and under eyes and use long, thick, fake eyelashes. Add in a pair of Bloodshot Contact Lenses to create her iconic eyes that would turn the gazer to stone. You can also use the net to create the scaly surface of the snake-skin. Keep your lips nude and for the hair, get a spiked hairband, a few fake snakes. Paint the band in gold and the snakes in silver and gold. Stick the slithering creatures on the spiked hairband. 


Those who love their feline friends or love dressing up as the cat-woman are familiar with the goddess Bastet. Belonging to ancient Egypt, this ebony goddess was known for sensual pleasure, good health, and bestowing fertility. Another story about her states that she was a goddess in the day and at night she transformed into a cat to protect her father RA from the attack of serpents. 

You can choose several styles and looks to portray Bast, but to get a truly realistic look without giving up on the sultry glam, it is suggested that you cover all the visible skin with shiny, ebony colour with a touch of gold that hides your skin tone completely. Add some green or glowing yellow contact lenses, a straight Cleopatra-like sleek bob. Costume jewelry and heavy golden makeup are best to recreate the look of Bastet along with a simple black or golden gown. 


Hecate is a name that has been used in many fictional stories, movies, and TV Series relating to witchcraft and necromancy. An ancient Greek goddess, Hecate is usually described as holding a pair of torches, or sometimes a key. In some places, she has also been depicted as a 3-form goddess. Many things including crossroads, night, light, entrance-ways, ghosts, magic, witchcraft, and the art of necromancy have been associated with her. Her knowledge of herbs, plants, especially the poisonous ones is legendary. Everyone has portrayed Hecate differently, so you have the liberty to play with your imagination as well. 

To create the most classic look of Hecate, the goddess of witchcraft and necromancy, you need a full-length body-hugging gown in pale white and a full-sized hooded cape. Cover your forehead, eyes, temples half your face till your cheekbones are smoky black and grey shades. Apply some silver eyeshadow on the lids. Add necromancy, sun and moon, and other witchcraft symbols on the forehead and temples. Temporary tattoos covering your fingers, hands and your neck spreading towards your shoulder and cleavage will give you the mysterious and sultry look.  Lots of silver antique silver jewelry, Silver nose rings are mandatory. Add black lipstick, black nail colour, and Blind White Contact Lenses and you have full chances of winning any Halloween contest. 

So, which goddess are you dressing up this year? Will it be the enchanting Medusa, the mesmerizing Hecate, or the sensual Bastet? Whoever you choose, you can be ready to stand out from the crowd this Halloween.
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