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Do’s & Don’ts of Choosing Coloured Contacts to Flatter Your Skin and Hair Tone

Do’s & Don’ts of Choosing Coloured Contacts to Flatter Your Skin and Hair Tone

In recent times, contact lenses have gained a lot of popularity and various factors back them up. They are not only comfortable but fashionable as well when compared to traditional eyeglasses. The coloured contacts are even more popular on the fashion scene as they allow you to change your looks. With the varying patterns and effects, you can use these coloured lenses for a variety of reasons and events to make a unique statement. The opacity, size, and tonality, and other patterns create different effects on different people.

Does this mean that you can choose any coloured contact that you want? Of course not. You need to keep the occasion in mind and even more important than that, contact lenses should be chosen according to your skin and hair colour. It is best to choose colours that compliment your skin and hair tones. 


Brown, Tanned/Medium Skin

If you have tanned, brown, or medium skin, then you should wear bright coloured lenses that will make your eyes glow and flatter your skin tones. However, when choosing the colours, go for earthier tones like hazel, dark blue shades like sapphire or navy, and green. 

People with medium skin tones should avoid colours that would make their skin appear dull and pale. So, avoid colours like turquoise and aqua that belong to the bright blue family. If you prefer to stick to varying neutral shades like browns and greys, it is best to apply eye makeup that is in slightly different shades so that your irises will be prominent. 

For Dark Skin

The best thing about having a duskier complexion is that you can play with a lot of colours when it comes to contact lenses. You can choose a pair according to the effect you want to achieve.  Warmer colours are usually the best bet for you. Try warm brown, a two-toned violet, or hazel contact lenses for a sexy and sultry look. Though an unusual choice, honey or hazelnut coloured lenses will help bring out a new shade from your natural eye colour. Opaque coloured lenses also work well if you want to achieve a seductive and sexy look but it doesn’t work as well for all the greens and blues though. 

When it comes to colours like yellow, pink, or aqua blends, it is best to steer clear.

For Hair

Medium Brown Hair

Medium brown is the lucky colour. Most of the colours go well with this shade of hair and look realistic as well. Although there is rarely any colour that won’t compliment this hair colour, the varying shades of browns still tend to stay at the top of the list when it comes to a natural and effective look. Naturally, hazel contact lenses also help you bring a subtle and sophisticated look. Any darker shade of brunette is the perfect match for the hazel eye as it focuses on the warm hues. 

Want to do something out-of-the-box and make the heads turn? Combine brown hair with deep blue shades in lenses. This electrifying combination is striking and will definitely attract appreciative glances wherever you go. 

Blonde & Light Hair

Dark coloured contact lenses are suitable for blonde and golden-brown hair. Go for darker shades like chocolate, black and deep browns. They enhance your whole look in a low-key style. Blondes and golden coloured people can also opt for lighter colours like grey and beige. To avoid a disjunctive look, ensure that your eyebrows are of the same colour as well. 

Bright colours like a popping blue or emerald green are made for platinum blondes and look absolutely wonderful on them. 

Coloured Contacts for Black Hair

Black hair can be the perfect backdrop to almost any colour that you choose. No matter what shade you go for, it will enhance your features. One of the colours that bring out a striking combination with black is violet. Both the light and dark shades of violet create a perfect statement and make heads turn while remaining understated. Similarly, blue and green have a unique effect as well and it creates a cohesive look. On the other hand, deep and dark shades create a sultry and mysterious look. 

Those with cool-toned black hair like blue-black or salt-and-pepper should go for blue or purple contacts. If you want to keep a natural look, then opting for browns. 

To change or not the eye colour? Are you still wondering about it? Don’t restrain your desire. Go ahead and use this guide to get just the right colour of contact lenses that will augment your sophistication and style. Be bold and embrace the new you with the help of the right shade enhancing your features.
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