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Disney Princesses, Gone Evil!

Disney Princesses, Gone Evil!

Fairy tales have always been every little girl’s dream. Almost every girl believes that one day her prince charming would come and take her away to a far, far away land where they would live happily ever after. Well, why not bring some twist into this cliché story this Halloween night? If this sounds exciting, then get your princess dresses ready, not to recreate that romantic fairy tale but to creep out everyone around you. Here are some evil ideas that you can use.


If you remember that sky blue dress and that glass shoe, which she mistakenly forgets at the palace. Then you would also remember how she met her prince charming. But the question is, was it a mistake, or was it on purpose? Well, if you change the scenario and think if it was on purpose, then the whole innocent and naïve image of Cinderella goes down the drain, instead a cunning and evil side comes to light. Everything is a yin and yang; every good has evil and every evil has well in it. So get dressed like this beautiful princess, but there would be a little twist in the picture. Instead of that subtle makeup, put darker eyeshadow and a thicker layer of winged liner. Wear white Halloween contacts to bring that evilness and put on long claws and paint it as the same colour of your gown. Finish up your look with that usual Cinderella blond hair bun and a headband. 

Snow White

Do you remember when Snow white’s stepmother broke the mirror? If yes then you would probably know why? If you think it was a question about beauty, then you failed to understand the actual meaning. Instead, it was “Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who is the evilest of them all?” When the mirror told the truth, the stepmother got offended and hence gave snow white a poisonous apple. To show she was the evilest. But as usual, she was wrong. What if snow-white were to be more demonic? However, it would all reveal this Hallow-eve. Get your gear ready; light blue blouse, bright yellow full-length skirt, red cap, and a bow headband. For the makeup use deep red or black lip colour, bigger eyelashes, and whiteout contacts to complete your look. If you want you can also add two dark contour lines on both cheeks for a dramatic effect.


Everyone remembers Rapunzel as an abducted beautiful girl, who was getting tortured by a torturous witch. Her story of meeting her prince sounds like a coincidence which led both of them to madly fall in love. What if it wasn’t a sudden coincidence? Instead, it was a planned tactic to get the prince’s attention to get her free from that jail, so she can breathe in the fresh air. Just imagine, if this was actually true. DO you want to rewrite this story in this form? If yes, then what are you waiting for, get your Rapunzel dress ready; a violet gown with a fitted top corset and puffed half sleeves attached to skin fit lace three-quarter sleeve. Get a long golden hair wig or if you can’t find one, you can also DIY it too. You’ll find many tutorials for that. Moreover, instead of pink blush and rosy eyes, buy Halloween contact lenses to give your eyes a horror effect. As far as the makeup is concerned, do a little drag kind of make-up and you are off to go. If you can, also try to put some fake black roses around your braid. 


Belle was daddy’s girl who got captivated by a huge beast. But when she kissed that beast, he came into his actual self. The story is truly a piece of art. But do you think, if that beast wouldn’t have changed, would Belle live with him? Well, if she would have, then wouldn’t she also turn into a human beast? If you also think the same then bring this wild imagination into reality. Get your bright yellow off-shoulder nightgown ready and get that half bun hairstyle done. Instead of keeping a normal makeup glam, go for an embalmed look. Make the eyes a little dull and use a foundation on the face, keep the tone nearly white. Once you achieve a deadly look, finalize it with a vampire's teeth. If you wish to go a little further, then clad your teddy bear into a cloth and carry it along with you. Make it look like the son of Beauty and the Beast. 

Well, these were just fictional characters, and spicing up things won’t matter much. Though these princesses have a huge fandom from little girls to women in their late 90s but giving them a spooky look for a night would be an amazing idea.
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