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Dark Crystal Gang is all Ready to Rock the Halloween Night

Dark Crystal Gang is all Ready to Rock the Halloween Night

One of the most famous movies of 1998 by Jim Henson, popularly known as Jim Henson’s Dark Crystal made a comeback on Netflix in 2019 as a show. This prequel to the movie of 1998 was much loved by the millennial as well and had won the award for outstanding children’s program at the creative Emmy awards. However, the second season was canceled which made the fans sad. If you have also loved this show, then this Halloween the Gelflings call you to take their avatar.

Jen Gelfling

Jen was the only male Gelfling who survived from the Garthim war. He is truly a heroic elf that was tasked to bring peace by defeating the evil Skeksis. Not only he was a brave and intelligent young elf but he was also very cute. If you are planning to disguise as him, then you would surely enjoy this gear. For starters, put the base on your face and make your eyes look a little bigger. With the help of a contour stick, create an illusion of a pout face. You can also do this from silicon if you are good at it or you may also find various tutorials for this. For more enhanced eyes buy Halloween contact lenses and put them on.  Get a shoulder-length hair wig which also has bangs. Color the bangs area with shades of blue to achieve the accurate hair color of Jen. For the costume, get a whitish brown full sleeve t-shirt, pair it up with brown and white checkered pants or chinos and go for high boots in dark brown. For the top, you can create it by getting a cloth and painting the pattern with the embossed fabric color. Last but not the least; don’t forget to fit those elf ears on your wig. 

Kira Gelfling

Kira’s character was identified by the present age of young women. She was an empowered woman and a survivor of the Garthim war like Jen. She met Jen while he was on his quest and they both partnered to bring down the evil. However, she was killed but then resurrected. If you saw the empowered women in her like yourself, then you must consider taking up an avatar of this wonderful elf woman. Moreover, her get-up is also simple and easy. All you need is a long gown in a muddy color with full-arm length sleeves. Get an olive green robe with a hood. You can get this kind of attire from any vintage shop or you can easily DIY it too. If you already have waist-length locks then dye it to dusky blond with a temporary color or you can also get a wig in the same color. Kira’s make-up is also easy to do. You need nothing but a simple foundation base and a little blush on cheeks. Pair it with the baby pink shade of lipstick and wear 17mm sclera contacts to get that innocence in your eyes. Put on the long elf ears and you’ll be ready to rock the Halloween Party. 


Aghura is the fearless and wise woman who was born during the age of innocence. She is known as the mother of the Planet Thra. If you want to become this wonderful woman on this Halloween then you must surely need some guts. Although her avatar is a little difficult. However, if you play your cards right, you will become the center of attention on the Hallow-eve. For the costume, get a dull yellow gown that has black patterns. The silhouette should be an A-line. Fitted from the top and lose from the bottom. The sleeves of your gown must be over-sized and full length. As far as the make-up is concerned, you may require a little help from a get-up artist for perfection. If you don’t have any help, then you can simply use some silicon and stick it to make your face similar to a monkey.  Once you are done with that then put a dark color foundation to cover everything up.  Use white contacts to get Aghura’s eyes and also paint a third eye on your forehead. If you want, you can also search out for tutorial videos and conclude your facial make-up to exactness. You’ll also need a grey hair wig, make sure it doesn’t look flowy and silky, instead, it must have a rough look. Finalize your Aghura look by putting yellow almond-shaped nails, the big round pendant around your neck, and twirled white horns on the sides of your head. 

These Fantasy dark Crystal characters would be fun to be. Enter the world of Gelflings and enjoy your night. Moreover, you wouldn’t just be dressing-up as characters but you will also be giving a bold message to the people around you.
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