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Creative Tv Characters Who Wore White Coloured Contact Lenses

Creative Tv Characters Who Wore White Coloured Contact Lenses

In the world of fiction, character plays an important role in delivering personality traits, and unique features. One striking and captivating feature that has been explored in different media is the use of white coloured contact lenses. These lenses, with their ethereal and otherworldly appearance, create a visual impact, enhancing a character's charm and enchantment. Let’s explore the world of imagination and discover characters who embraced the allure of white coloured contact lenses, leaving an indelible mark on the accounts of storytelling.

Game of Thrones- The White Walkers

In the epic TV series "Game of Thrones," the enigmatic and fearsome White Walkers command attention with their icy blue eyes. These supernatural beings, portrayed as the harbingers of winter, embody the darkness beyond the wall. Their piercing gaze, made more striking by the white coloured contact lenses, adds an eerie and chilling presence to their intimidating personas.

Twilight- The Cullens

The "Twilight" saga introduced us to a coven of vampires known as the Cullens. Among them, the character of Jasper Hale stands out with his striking golden eyes, achieved through the use of white coloured contact lenses. Jasper's unique eye colour signifies his special gift for manipulating emotions, as well as his centuries-old existence. The white lenses contribute to the vampires' ghostly allure and heighten the mystery surrounding their supernatural world.

X-Men- Mystique

In the world of mutants, Mystique from the X-Men comics and films is a shapeshifting powerhouse. With her ability to turn herself into any form, her vivid yellow eyes, depicted through white coloured contact lenses, add an intriguing touch. Mystique's piercing gaze reflects her adaptability, cunning, and enigmatic nature, making her a formidable and captivating character in the X-Men universe.

Watchmen- Dr. Manhattan

The graphic novel "Watchmen" introduced readers to Dr. Manhattan, a god-like being with extraordinary powers. Portrayed with luminous blue skin and white coloured contact lenses, his piercing gaze hints at his disinterest in humanity.

The Umbrella Academy- Vanya

Vanya's journey towards self-discovery and empowerment is reflected in her adoption of white lenses, emphasizing her transformation and new-found confidence. Furthermore, the lenses create a more mystical and otherworldly effect. All in all, the use of white coloured contact lenses is a creative and effective choice that enhances the character's aura and adds to the overall visual appeal of the show.

Moreover, there is a list of movies that feature characters wearing white contact lenses for various reasons, such as portraying supernatural beings, villains, or creating a ghostly effect. Let’s take a look at a few more:

The Exorcist

In a classic horror film, the possessed girl, Regan MacNeil (played by Linda Blair), is seen wearing white coloured contact lenses during her demonic possession scenes.

The Matrix Trilogy

The character Trinity wears white contact lenses in certain scenes, particularly when she's engaged in combat or displaying her fighting skills.

Underworld Series

In this action-horror franchise, some of the vampire characters, like Selene, wear white contact lenses to enhance their supernatural appearance.

Blade II

Another extraordinary superhero horror movie, in which the character Reaper wears white lenses to emphasise his vampire nature.

Sucker Punch

A fantasy action film features different female characters wearing white coloured contact lenses, especially in the surreal and dream-like sequences, as it adds a visual aesthetic to the movie.

The Crow

A cult classic, in which the main character Eric Draven wears white contact lenses after returning from the dead to seek vengeance. The white lenses contribute a haunting look to his overall appearance.

This is the list of all those movies that used white coloured lenses on all their main characters, however, the list is ongoing, and there are still many other movies and TV shows that use these ghastly coloured contact lenses to make their characters look more real and also to portray the movie as perfect in all aspects.


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