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Create 6 Easy Game of Thrones Looks with Our Halloween Coloured Lenses

Create 6 Easy Game of Thrones Looks with Our Halloween Coloured Lenses

Halloween is the time of year when creativity knows no bounds, and people love to dress up as their favourite characters from movies, TV shows, and books. This presents a fantastic opportunity for Game of Thrones fans to bring Westeros's mystical and enchanting world to life. With the help of our Halloween contact lenses, you can take your Halloween costume to the next level and become a part of this epic fantasy universe. In this article, we will guide you through six easy-to-create Game of Thrones looks that will impress your friends and make you stand out at any Halloween party.

The White Walker - Embody the Chilling Night's King

The White Walkers, also known as the Others, are among the most feared creatures in the Game of Thrones series. With their icy-blue eyes and chilling presence, they are synonymous with terror and the impending winter. To create a White Walker look, wear our eerie ice-blue coloured lenses, which will instantly transform your eyes into those of the Night's King. Complement the lenses with pale makeup, giving your skin an icy touch. Use blues and greys to create a frosty appearance. Finish off the look with white clothing and armour-like accessories to complete the transformation into a fearsome White Walker with our Halloween contact lenses.

The Mother of Dragons - Embrace the Power of Daenerys Targaryen

For those who wish to embody strength, compassion, and regality, dressing up as Daenerys Targaryen, the Mother of Dragons, is the perfect choice. Wear enchanting violet coloured lenses to achieve this look, giving you the same mesmerising eyes as the Dragon Queen. Accentuate your features with soft and elegant makeup, let your hair flow freely, or style it in Daenerys' signature braids. Don a stunning gown, preferably in shades of blue or purple, and accessorise with dragon-themed jewellery to channel the spirit of the powerful Khaleesi.

The Red Witch - Embrace the Mysticism of Melisandre

Melisandre, the Red Priestess, is known for her mesmerising red eyes and mystical powers. To portray this enigmatic character, wear our fiery red coloured lenses, which will make your gaze both captivating and mysterious. Use deep red and gold tones for your makeup, adding an aura of otherworldly allure. Dress in flowing red robes and incorporate hints of magical accessories, like a prop necklace or ruby-adorned staff, to fully embody the essence of the Red Witch with our Halloween contact lenses.

The King in the North - Pay Tribute to Jon Snow

Jon Snow, the beloved King in the North, is admired for his bravery and sense of honour. To become this iconic character, wear our steel-grey coloured lenses, reflecting the determination and courage of Jon Snow. Dress in a fur-trimmed cloak over dark clothing, reminiscent of the Stark family's style. Don't forget to wield a prop sword, such as Longclaw, and add a dire wolf sigil to your attire to showcase your loyalty to House Stark.

The Imp - Embrace Tyrion Lannister's Wit and Charm

Tyrion Lannister, also known as the Imp, is a fan-favourite character known for his sharp intellect and witty humour. To capture his charm, wear our hazel-coloured lenses, which will bring out the mischievous glint in your eyes. Use clever makeup techniques to create a rugged and charismatic appearance. Dress in lavish and opulent clothing, displaying the Imp's sophisticated taste. Carry a prop goblet and use your wit to entertain fellow party-goers in true Tyrion fashion with our Halloween contact lenses.

The Stark Heir - Transform into Fearless Arya Stark

Arya Stark, the fearless and determined Stark heir, is known for her unwavering spirit and exceptional sword-fighting skills. Wear our green coloured lenses to become Arya, symbolising her resilience and strength. Style your hair in Arya's signature short, messy look. Dress in practical and comfortable attire befitting a skilled warrior. Arm yourself with a prop sword, Needle, to showcase your fighting prowess as Arya Stark.


This Halloween, unleash your creativity and delve into the captivating world of Game of Thrones with our Halloween contact lenses. From the bone-chilling White Walkers to the regal Mother of Dragons, there's a character to suit every taste and personality. With the help of our coloured lenses and some well-thought-out costumes, you can become a part of the fantastical realm of Westeros. So, prepare to make a grand entrance at any Halloween party and leave a lasting impression with these six easy-to-create Game of Thrones looks.

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