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Cool Makeup Ideas for Halloween & Cosplay Themed Parties

Cool Makeup Ideas for Halloween & Cosplay Themed Parties

If you are a die-hard fan of cosplay or love the whole idea of dressing up in costumes and going all scary and giving jitters, then you should definitely go for cosplay or Halloween themed parties for any occasion. You may be thinking that it is easier said than done! Well, it may be challenging to dress within a budget, but it is not impossible. With a DIY costume, the right makeup, add-ons like whiteout Halloween contact lenses, and the right accessories, you will be ready to rock any party. 

Why are Makeovers Important When You’re on a Budget? 

Makeup is very important when you are on a budget and don't want to go all out for a costume. Plus, the right kind of makeup looks more realistic and attractive as compared to wearing a mask. You can get inspiration and even learn to apply the scariest, most terrifying, and most realistic makeup ideas from Instagram celebrities who love to transform their looks using various techniques. You will find some hardcore cosplay fans there who use makeup to pay homage to their favorite characters – be it, Marvel, Got, Anime or Capcom. Makeup can help you celebrate your fandom – be it a classic zombie, Annabelle or IT. We have listed below some crazy and freaky makeup ideas that would make you the center of attraction in any costume party throughout the year.

Intriguing Makeover Ideas to Make You Look Marvelous This Halloween

All the ideas on this list are easy enough for any newbies to follow. So, don't be overwhelmed that you won't be able to do it. With ideas from this list and tutorials on YouTube & Instagram, you will be able to get the hang of it quite soon. However, if you want to take your cosplay get-up to the next level, then don't forget to invest in a pair of lenses – Halloween contact lenses are all the rage these days. The accessories can elevate an ordinary costume and give it an x-factor that may not be there otherwise. Whether it is the iconic blue eyes of the heroes of Marvel, such as Captain America, the Winter Soldier, or Thor, or the various get-ups of Capcom street fighters, contact lenses can help you get the most low-effort yet impressive super hero look ever. 

So, don't wait any longer and read on to find out how to rock some looks and costumes once and for all. 

Gory & Frightening Zombie Makeup

To rock a terrifying and gory look, all you need is stage blood, some bone-chilling vampire-inspired contact lenses, and wax or liquid latex in flesh tone, toilet paper, white face cream, a basic multi-color makeup kit. Create a gory, bloody look with ripped skin and blood oozing from it. 

Apply the liquid latex first and let it dry. Once it turns clear, use toilet paper to create whatever skin effect you want. Wrinkly, torn, or however gross you want it. Cover it up with latex again. Blend the whole look with cream. You can even go for gashes in the skin. Now use your makeup skills to achieve the zombie look. Finally, complete the look by wearing a Halloween blind white contact lenses which will complete your overall horror, gory & frightening zombie makeup theme giving it the best finishing touches. 

'Game of Thrones' Costumes 

You can always go for a 'GoT' Themed mask, but there is more fun if you get that look through makeup and accessories. There are many characters that you can choose from. With hairdos, wigs, and old prom dresses and shearling coats, you can easily replicate the looks of many female 'GoT' characters, but the one character where you can play with makeup is 'Leaf.'

Leaf, who is responsible for creating white walkers, is one of the Children of the Forest. For this look, you will have to add some fake twigs and shrubs and artificial moss to your elaborate hairdo. For the makeup, very heavy contouring is required. Go for shades of grey, liquid latex, and lots of toilet paper for this look. It makes this look gorgeous and terrifying at the same time. Use some grey and green paint with glitter to cover your clothing and arms. Go for iconic bright green contact lenses. To complete the whole look, wrap some fake tree vines and branches around your arms and stick them to the costume. 

Spooky, Terrifying Ghost

This is the easiest costume for any themed party. However, to make it more realistic and terrifying, create this look with makeup instead of a mask. And it does not require you to just put on some white paint on the face either but it certainly goes beyond that. 

To get the creepiest look, you need to create a look with the stretched-out mouth, and to make it eviler, you need to have sunken sockets. There's still one more thing that can truly highlight this get-up, and that is the white contact lenses and make your appearance truly terrifying. 

So there you go, here are some of the best looking makeovers that I am sure you would like to consider. 

Until next time, cheers.
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