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Do Wearing Contact Lenses Put You at Risk of Getting Infected with the COVID 19

Do Wearing Contact Lenses Put You at Risk of Getting Infected with the COVID 19

With the COVID 19 risk at large, the question that troubles many of us these days is what the ways are the virus can expansively spread and how we can keep ourselves safe amid the chaos. A worrying concern that is commonly observed is among individuals who wear contact lenses which led them to worry whether wearing contact lenses put them at risk of the coronavirus more and can it spread the infection? But that pretty much cleared the air when the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) provided a complete report indicating that there is no such evidence which suggests that contact lenses can put the lives of men and women who are wearing them at risk. The risk is a bare minimum and just as much as someone who wears spectacles in their daily lives. 

To make it all a bit clearer to you, I would like to answer a few frequently asked questions that many of our lenses wearing community would like to ask eye specialists.

How Does the Spread of Coronavirus Have Anything to Do with Contact Lenses? 

It all started getting the hype back during the early March when the American Academy of Opthalmology (AAO) suggested contact lens wearers to shift their eyewear temporarily to spectacles.

Why they did that? It was because they wanted to minimize hand interaction with human eyes.

Many doctors claimed that any inlet in the body including eyes can be a source of letting the virus in. Even though, there was no evidence showing that contact lenses were a source of spreading the virus inside the body, it was considered a possibility and hence safety precautions were addressed. The measures taken by the AAO might have been the cause of creating the misconception.

According to Coloured Contact Lenses, a company that deals with colored contact eye lenses claimed that wearing eye contact lenses amid the pandemic has no direct relationship with the spread of the virus. Instead, it all depends on your hygiene and the measures you take to keep yourself clean.

Wash hands, use sanitizers, keep masks, and maintain social distancing.

How Is the Risk More Eminent for Contact Lens Wearers? 

Contact Lens wearers touch their eyes more often than any other individual who doesn’t use contact lenses. It’s why the risk of coronavirus to spread among lens wearers is more obvious compared to those who do not wear them. However, there isn’t any study to back that up but a general observation and a bit of common sense that backs up on the detail that minimal contact to inlets like eyes, nose, and mouth can help prevent the virus from spreading. 

Keeping track of perfect hygiene and taking precautionary measures before using the lenses might not bring any harm to your body or health at any point in time. 

What Are Ophthalmologists Telling Patients When They Are Asked About Wearing Lenses? 

Ophthalmologists care about your health more than you do. If there’s no need of wearing contacts and you feel uncomfortable wearing them during these days, they will advise you to stop wearing them. 

However, if you’re taking good care of your hygiene and you’ve zero issues with wearing them, then there’s no problem in wearing a pair and going out to meet your friends & families. 

Will Switching Between Contact Lenses & Eye Glasses Easy or Difficult? 

Many patients or contact wearers often shift to wearing them because of the immense amount of strain glasses actually put on the ears and the bridge of the nose while wearing it. It’s why many other individuals often prefer to give up on spectacles and usually resort to using contact lenses for good. 

If you can handle the hygiene and you don’t feel uncomfortable in wearing contact lenses, then there’s no harm in wearing them. Like I said, coronavirus has the same chances of spreading as of glasses. 

What Are Some Important Tips to Keep in Mind for People Who Wear Contacts? 

While wearing contact lenses has its perks, there are a few things that every contact lens wearer should keep in mind before they resort to wearing them in their daily lives.

Not only will these tips help them stay safe but it will also show them how to effectively use it. 

  • Try to get your hands on disposable contact lenses first as they are cheap and can be discarded after use. 
  • Are you wearing them on prescription, don’t go out to purchase them amid the pandemic. Instead, order them online. 
  • If you aren’t wearing disposable ones, it’s best that you make sure to clean them on a regular basis.
  • There are hydrogen peroxide contact lenses in the market so it’s best that you shift to purchasing them. 
  • Do you show any of the symptoms of coronavirus? It’s best that you stop wearing contacts for now. 
  • For eye care, it’s best that you consult with your ophthalmologist first before buying a pair and planning to wear. 
  • When placing lenses in their protective cases, make sure to use a fresh solution.

As long as you are thoroughly cleaning your contact lenses and keeping good care of your personal hygiene, then there’s nothing that you should be worried about especially when it concerns lenses. Memorial day just happened in the United States and despite the coronavirus, many people defied the social distancing norms and went out to have fun. Although, such defiance is strictly condemned for the safe-keeping of the people; there’s no harm in buying a colored contact lens amid the chaos if you want to look good. Pick a nice brand, choose the perfect contact lens to wear, and head out in style. 

So that all folks, I hope you find this article informative and engaging. 

Until next time, cheers. For any further questions please contact Halloween Contact Lenses.
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