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Celebs Slaying Their Looks With Coloured Lenses

Celebs Slaying Their Looks With Coloured Lenses

Everyone wants to look their best and share their new looks with their friends and followers over social media. Everyone is trying to look good and become a digital content creator where they can influence others and tell them something new and different about new products that they are trying in their posts and stories.

Gen-Z is mostly influenced by social media these days and many of us follow the top celebrities on their social media and pay close attention to what clothes they wear or how their makeup is done, what brand is their bag and which coloured lenses they are wearing and so forth. From their accessories to shoes, we fans make sure that not a single thing is missed about our favourite artists so we can try and follow the lead.

The much sought after accessory these days is the different types of coloured contact lenses that people love to try and mix and match it with their attire and costumes for different parties. Let’s check out some of the famous celebs and see what lens colour they prefer!

Jennifer Aniston

Our all time favourite actor from an all-time favourite show F.R.I.E.N.D.S has been stealing our hearts with the performance in the show and also with her looks! The icy blue coloured lenses are totally a personality lifter. She looks absolutely gorgeous in those blue lenses and the best part is that they suit her a lot whilst giving her overall appearance a natural look.

Lady Gaga

We all know Gaga is never afraid of making a fashion statement and that too in a very unique and memorable way! She is no stranger to coloured lenses and with every outfit she seem to perfectly match her eyes with the beautiful coloured lenses like how she played with green coloured contact lenses in ‘Bad Romance’ following with the different looks for every day time and other evening red carpet events.

Kylie Jenner

Top model and celeb star, Kylie is a living proof that people adore her over her Instagram. Along with her hottest makeup line, Kyle knows how to slay her looks with her own makeup along with the perfect brown coloured contact lenses that she matches with her own personality. She is an absolute influence on the majority of the girls due to her beauty looks and fashion statements.

Selena Gomez

Now we need to ‘Calm Down’ when we talk about Gomez and her looks as she is an utterly bold and extraordinary personality and never hesitates from experimenting different looks either for her hair or eyes! She is the own who is born to slay. It is hard to ignore the grey coloured lenses that Gomez usually carries and trust me, those coloured lenses couldn’t have been worn any better! Along with her top acting and dancing skills, the colour of her eyes are always the first thing that the fans notice.

Jason Momoa

Our favourite DC superhero is also a fan of coloured contact lenses and follows the part of the trend too where we see him making different appearances in different coloured lenses. Our favourite character from Game of Thrones, Kahl Drogo, has naturally green eyes but he seems to carry different coloured lenses amazingly like he did with blue coloured contact lenses in Aquaman.

Orlando Bloom

Known for The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit, Bloom knows how to change his looks with every character that he plays. The eye colours keep changing depending upon the character like light blue coloured contact lenses when he is Elf and darker eye colour when he plays Lagolas.

Huda Kattan

The OG of the beauty world, known as Huda Beauty on Instagram is one true example of being an influencer who tends to influence millions of girls globally through her makeup products, makeup skills, tutorials and hacks! Every time she is wearing a different coloured contact lens that inspires others to try new looks the way Huda does!

 Nicki Minaj

This one needs no introduction because she is the Queen of Rap. She will never hold back in her music videos and fans love her for who she is! Always going against the odds and pushing boundaries in every video that he makes! It’s not just the music videos that are challenging but also her looks tell us that she is not afraid of wearing anything, for instance opting for different coloured lenses in different music videos and other performances.

So are you going to colour your eyes with different pretty coloured contact lenses and allow yourself to look far from the ordinary? Share your thoughts!

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