Top Reasons Why You Should Not Miss Coloured Lenses This Halloween
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Celebrity Favorite Ice Blue Contacts For Halloween

Celebrity Favorite Ice Blue Contacts For Halloween

Cosmetic coloured contact lenses provide safety, comfort and make you look and feel bold and beautiful.

There are many types of coloured contact lenses including enhancement tinted lenses, visibility tinted lenses and opaque lenses. Opaque lenses are the most famous among people on occasions such as Halloween because they cover one's natural eye colour giving an entirely different look.

As Halloween nears, the demand for contact lenses is more than ever. Since Halloween is marked for its spookiness, people tend to dress up as scary characters to ward off evil. And also, to scare the crap out of little kids that come trick or treating. There are a number of traditions related to Halloween all of which involve having a perfect costume and makeup.

Contact lenses are the final nail in the coffin when it comes to achieving a perfect Halloween Look. Long gone are the times when dressing up for Halloween was just traditional. Now people want to get out of their comfort zones and be creative with their outfits and makeup looks. They want to create a look that nobody has done before and be imaginative to the highest degree possible. All in all, there is no restriction to what can be done with your Halloween costume and to make it just a little more special and spicier, don't forget to add a pair of coloured contact lenses!


While people may opt for different kind of contact lenses depending on the needs of their costume and their liking, blue contact lenses are usually in great demand. Either it's because of the icy spookiness that they give off or the soul less look that they depict. There are countless looks that you can create with a pair of icy blue lens

  1. Whitewalkers from Game of Thrones

Game of Thrones, one of the most liked show in the history of TV shows is best known for its whitewalkers. While the creatures are very eerie and spine-chilling, people seem to love whitewalker themed looks on Halloween. With pale wrinkled skin, icy blue contacts and some dyed white hair you may just be able to impress your friends and make it seem like the winter is here!

  1. Queen Elsa from Frozen

Frozen undoubtedly being an absolute favourite among children as well as adults also has a blue eyed queen who's a heartthrob to everyone. With a pair of icy blue lenses, a blue dress and blonde wig you can recreate Elsa's look to perfection. It won't be incorrect to state that your Halloween costume would be an absolute hit among the kids as well!

  1. Harley Quinn from The Suicide Squad

The Suicide Squad popular for its villains or heroes, whatever you may call them, is most loved by people for Harley Quinn. A ferocious, powerful and beautiful female superhero who won hearts. For recreating Harley's look, you can put in icy blue lenses and do your makeup like she does, while putting your hair in two pony tails and just being messy!

  1. Mermaid inspired looks

Apart from movie characters, you can also take inspiration from supernaturals like mermaids. With a blue eye shadow, some glittery jewels on the forehead and around the eyes, icy blue lenses and a flowy dress, your mermaid look will be complete.

  1. Characters from Outer Space

If you wanna go just a little over the top with your outfits and makeup looks this Halloween, an extra terrestrial look will be your best friend. Give yourself an alien makeover with the help of body paints and icy blue lenses. You may use SFX makeup and hide yours eyebrows. Add a little blood and just be creative with the entire look.

  1. Mystical Creatures
For a more subtle but beautiful look, you may opt for a mystical creature. With golden skin tone and brown eye makeup, a normal pink shade of lipstick, your icy blue lens will pop out even more bringing the entire look together. You may also wear a tiara and you will definitely look like a mystical creature from the heavens!
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