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Captivating Makeup Ideas You can try as Disney’s Beautiful Rebellious Belles

Captivating Makeup Ideas You can try as Disney’s Beautiful Rebellious Belles

Most of the present-day youth have grown up admiring and imitating the Disney Princesses and characters, taking their own life lessons from them and in the process admiring their beauty, their gorgeous gowns, and even their rebellious natures that led them to follow their hearts. Although, according to Disney there are only 11 belles that are official Disney Princesses there are some other bold damsels who may not be the official princesses they have their own persona and presence. Whether you are dressing up for Halloween and want to break away from the spooky and scary costumes, want to enjoy a themed party, or simply utilize your time productively during the Lockdown, these makeup ideas are beautiful and fun!

  1. The Sassy Land from Scotland: Merida

Wild and carefree Merida rushed into our lives and our hearts with her sassy attitude and her atypical approach to marriage and finding her prince charming — She won our hearts, preferring a carefree life instead of tying the knots and swooning over her man.

Merida looks are true representative of her wild, bold and courageous attitude. She has a head full of crazy fiery orange curls, high cheekbones and unlike the usual Disney Princess, she is famous for her natural looks. This look can be achieved with some BB cream, a lighter foundation (in case your skin has a darker tone), and a shade or two darker lip colour than the natural lip colour. The eyebrows and eyelashes require a feisty ginger shade and a pair of Freshtone Coloured Contacts in blue colour complete the whole look with a flourish.

  1. The Queen of Ice — Elsa

Not exactly an official Princess, Elsa is one of the strongest and resilient belles of Disney. She is a true inspiration for girls and sets an example to embrace the strength within them and fight for what they believe in.

To recreate Elsa’s looks, you need to have a snowy skin tone as she is an ice queen. If you have a slightly darker complexion, then use a light-toned foundation to match Elsa’s snowy complexion. You may also need to thin out your lips as Elsa’s lips are more on the narrower side. Elsa’s hair is a snowy blonde shade too so to recreate this look to perfection, get a matching wig and Pure Blue Freshtone Contact Lenses. Don a dress similar to Elsa’s and you will be ready to rediscover your inner strength.

  1. Princess of the Sea — Ariel

The Mermaid look is such a popularly trending look on Instagram these days that it seems that Ariel was either way ahead of her time or she time-traveled. There are endless mermaid looks that you can create for a trendy Insta-worthy look. Keep practicing this look for Halloween or you can keep it simple and stick to this classic look.

To create this perfectly festive and classic look, think on the lines of metallic and shimmery shades. From her half-moon shaped eyebrows to her fiery red hair, Ariel is an epitome of beauty. Ariel’s lips are plump and red so define your lips well and color them in a shade that matches the fire on her head. Wear Freshtone Super Naturals in Sky Blue color for big, beautiful eyes. Colored cheeks and sea life accessories complete this amazing look. Wear it with a purple-colored shimmery dress with a mermaid-style tail.

  1. Princess of the Exotic East — Jasmine

An official Disney Princess but one who is known for boldness, her daring attitude, and of course her mesmerizing almond-shaped eyes, her winged eyeliner and not to forget her pet tiger.
To encompass the fierceness of Princess Jasmine’s looks, you will need excellent contouring skills and give your shade a sun-kissed tone. Contouring also helps recreate and capture her regal nose. For the boldness of her eyes, you can watch some excellent make-up tutorials to create that can help you express their fierceness along with satin gray contact lenses for a perfect look.

  1. Princess of the Ogres — Fiona

Not exactly belonging to Disney, Fiona has her days being a princess though she stays a princess at heart even during her transformation at night. If you don’t have golden brown hair already, get a wig that can be braided thickly with a tiara on her head.

Create this look with some nude eye shades, a well-defined brow, a smooth concealer, and a pair of natural blends in light brilliant blue contacts. Apply a pastel peach colored lipstick and a slightly darker shade of blush in the cheeks to impress your potential Shrek!

Do try these looks of damsels who know how to take a stand and don’t really need a Prince Charming or a knight in the shining armor to save them. These belles are enough in themselves!
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